Free Symposium Tickets – Teachers and Sponsored Individuals

The inaugural edition of our visual arts conference tackles issues of nature, identity and place. How do we imprint ourselves on the landscape? How does nature condition who we are? Key West serves as the backdrop for a series of exhibitions, workshops, conversations and receptions, based on the premise that visual art can inspire change: individually, locally and globally.

Friday Programs, At a Glance:

  • Keynote: America’s Eden: Images of Florida from Science, Art and Popular Culture
  • Artist Interview: Watercolorist Frederick Brosen
  • Lecture: Edgar Heap of Birds, Provocative Native American Art and the Environment
  • Studio Program: Debris Art (making beauty from what’s thrown away)
  • Field Trip (Boca Chica): Flora, Fauna, Flotsam & Jetsam w/ Mark Hedden
  • Screening: Key Largo (Huston, 1948)

Saturday Programs, At a Glance:

  • Artist Interview: Aurora Robson, Engaging Beauty to Disrupt the Waste Stream
  • Panel Discussion: Edgar Heap of Birds, Sexuality, Identity and Tropical Stereotypes
  • Studio Programs: Watercolor Demonstration, Artist Journals
  • Field Trip (Key West): Heap of Birds’ Tribal Panels and Conch History
  • Lecture: An African American Sculptor in Jamaica
  • Screening: Cabeza de Vaca (Echevarria, 1991) recounts the catastrophic 1528 Narvaez expedition to FL

Details & Links

Individuals can register for one OR both days of this symposium. Please RSVP to the appropriate date. If you have any questions you can reach our office Tue – Sat ,10am-4pm:305-296-0458