Michel Delgado

Sanger Gallery 

Delgado works with the idea of experience – mining visual images for their emotional and spiritual content. Never having a preconceived image in mind, he seeks to portray things that are not obvious in reality, focusing instead on the composition and the balance of the work. This amalgamation of uncertainty and confidence brings his work to life in surprising ways.

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Alaina Plowdrey

XOJ Gallery 

Alaina Plowdrey explores ideas of physicality, drive and determination in her portraits of active duty service members. Linking her paintings to the ideas of philosopher and poet Lucretuis, Plowdrey delves into the psyche of the soldier.

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Jeane LaRance

Zabar Project Gallery 

To create her latest works, a series of digital images on metal, LaRance spent countless hours transferring, burnishing, sanding and varnishing. This hands-on process also ensures “beauty marks” – tiny imperfections that are LaRance’s favorite part of the work.

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Interview with Michel Delgado
Lucky Street Gallery

“As an artist, I don’t work in series. That structure doesn’t interest me. I’d rather be remembered as an interesting artist.”


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