Avis Collins Robinson

Sanger Gallery 

Avis Collins Robinson is exhibiting new paintings and quilts that portray, both directly and metaphorically, the richness of African American life and the deep, layered meanings of a simple word: soul. W.E.B. Du Bois used the concept of soul to convey the universal nature of the human struggle – joys and sorrows, the satisfaction of accomplishment, the comfort of family and the persistent resonance of history. Robinson’s portraits are more than beautifully rendered likenesses; they invite the viewer to look into her subjects’ souls and experience our common humanity.

Her quilts, too, are imbued not just with striking color and form but with history and emotion as well. She uses fabric to tell stories of freedom and funk, of spirit and solidarity.

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Mark Hedden

XOJ Gallery 

Studio Artist Mark Hedden has been looking at Key West in a new light – the flip side of the intense sun and sultry colors for which we’re known. In his first solo exhibition at The Studios new home, he presents nighttime photographs of Key West and beyond.

Hedden is a writer, photographer, and birding guide. He writes narrative nonfiction, primarily ornithology-oriented natural history, which most people refer to as “stuff about birds.” He has also written about necrovoyeurism, his love of the Tour de France, his aversion to pirates, his hatred of clowns, the inappropriate use of firearms during photo shoots, and music. His work has been published in the Bone Island Sun, the Key West Citizen, the Miami Herald, the Washington Post and more.

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