Future Ancient

Adam Russell

April 2-30

Key West Pottery co-owner and former AIR, Adam Russell debuts his latest body of two and three-dimensional work. Future Ancient springs from Adam’s love of history and indigenous methodology, as it is filtered through a contemporary/postmodern lens. The result is a colorful celebration of island aesthetics and an over-sized and entirely unique take on ceramics.

Sponsored by Debra Butler Design Studio

First Thursdays at The Studios

A monthly gallery walk featuring the latest exhibitions and works from artists. Please join us on Thu Apr 2 from 6-8PM for the opening of Future Ancient by Adam Russell and Gestures of Power by Jodell Roberts.

Gestures of Power

Jodell Roberts

April 2-30

Jodell Roberts’ long-standing fascination with film negatives began to take a significant turn when teaching pinhole photography and has since developed into a full exploration of the possibilities.

For this exhibition, Jodell’s printed negatives present a world in reverse: luminous darks, light as shadow, foreground and background fluctuating. This shift expands our perception and explores the power, beauty, structure and interconnectedness of all things. Gestures of Power celebrates the natural and metaphysical world and focuses on our ability to positively affect life on earth.

Sponsored by Key West Bed and Breakfast