Vegetarian Sushi with Chef Rich Patten

$90 / $75 mbrs

Sushi is loved for it’s pleasing balance of flavors, textures and healthy ingredients.  Chef Rich Patten’s patient guidance will help you get in touch with your inner sushi master.  First Chef Rich will explain basic sushi ingredients, like brown rice, vinegar and nori.  Then he will show you how to make several varieties of vegetarian sushi including dragon rolls, inside out rolls and hand rolls. Making sushi with just fresh vegetables forms the foundation for a whole world of experimentation—not to mention it’s simply delicious! After this introduction, you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time!


Limited to 10 students



Rich Patten, a dedicated Key West pharmacist for nearly three decades, recently decided it was time for a dramatic career shift. Rich took his love of preparing delicious meals for his friends and family to a new level and graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute, the leader in health supportive cooking.  Now he combines the promotion of health with the art of food.

After 29 years behind a medicine counter, Rich had observed that medication can extend life, but rarely provides the highest quality of life possible. He was convinced that health is best enhanced, maintained and recovered through nutritious eating and cuisine, and not through pills alone. Because of his passion for natural health and food, he enthusiastically joined the growing movement in this country which first uses food and nutrition as medicine and preventive health care, before reaching for a pill.

Through cooking workshops at TSKW and by infusing fresh recipes with Key West flair, Rich hopes to share his passion and insights into nutrition and health with residents and visitors alike. So come join the fun with Chef Rich, it just might change your life.

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