Expose – TSKW Studio Artists and Friends

TSKW showcases the best of what it has to offer within its own walls, while extending an invitation to other distinctive artists. Works by familiar faces mingle with a mixture of emerging and professional artists newly exposed. This annual partnering offers a staggering variety of media, and genres of work.

Exhibition opening features readings and a special appearance by the KW Comparsa Dancers.


Maggie Ruley, Deborah Goldman, Andy Thurber, Garth Holtcamp, Sherry Sweet Tewell, Shawn Maddox, Brooks Phillips, Grace Epperly, Maureen Tracy Venti, Jim Racchi, Mark Hedden, Martha Hubbard, Jonathan Woods, Dahlia Woods, Pam Hobbs, Michele Atkinson, Jeffrey Harwell, Beth Kamenstein, Lauren P McAloon, Anja Marais, Claire Perrault, Sonia Robinson, Jessica Argyle, Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen, Danette Silvers, Jill Herasme, Judi Bradford, Sheelman, Marky Pierson, Christine Fifer, Jon McIntosh

The Studios of Key West