A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Written by William Shakespeare, conceived and directed by Richard Ericson. Twilight. Hugh’s View. Wild desire, jealousy, & comic revenge. Shakespeare’s greatest comedy — the most-produced in the world — is now just eighty minutes. Five actors play fifteen roles, sometimes with life-size puppets. As Puck says, “What fools these mortals be.” Laughter, sex, & love as the stars twinkle.

Key West Diary

Key West actors let you peek inside the diary of the island with stories of renegades, rebels and regular joes. Hear the (sometimes sordid) tales that give our community its unique flavor. Stories have been contributed by locals and visitors, from the past both near and far, and are read by local actors.

The Pleasing Recollection, a Cabaret Opera

Music by Martin Hennessy. Libretto by Stephen Kitsakos. Directed by Murphy Davis. Starring Michael Kelly. In the mid-1970s, a young man lands ashore in Manhattan without a map. Negotiating his way into a life in the performing arts, The Pleasing Recollection chronicles his musical adventures as he charmingly stumbles into some of the musical and theater giants of the era including Larry Kert, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ludlum, and Aaron Copland among them.

The Pickpocket’s Daughter

Audiences have called The Pickpocket’s Daughter, “a first class thriller with loads of laughs.” Young Matzy Moses navigates the corruption and gang warfare of 1930’s New York to save everything she holds dear. Up against her are policemen on the take, Irish gangsters and shady politicians. But with a resilient and unconventional heroine, you can expect the unexpected.

One Night Stand

Pandemic-postponed, our typically-biannual favorite, One Night Stand returns! Since 2007, ONS has prompted creative thinkers to develop five brand new pieces of theatre from start to finish in only 24 hours. With the clock ticking, dozens of people work together at a wickedly fast pace to make the project come to fruition.

The Studios of Key West