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Ann Hampton Callaway

Ann Hampton Callaway is the Tony-nominated star of the Broadway hit Swing and one of the most gifted artists in pop and jazz. She is a leading champion of the Great American Songbook.

Electric Blue Yonder

A traveling troupe of intrepid space folk explorers, Electric Blue Yonder examines the mysteries of the universe and reports their findings through song.

One Noble Journey by Mike Wiley

In this propulsive, interactive, one-man show, Wiley becomes Henry “Box” Brown, a black slave who sees no alternative but to mail himself to freedom in a small crate.

Dar He: The Story of Emmett Till by Mike Wiley

This riveting play chronicles the murder, trial and unbelievable confession of the men accused of Emmett Till’s lynching.

Upstate, a play by Drew Larimore

Seeking fulfillment after a move to upstate New York, Nathaniel and his husband Myles decide to adopt an infant daughter. The play opens on the day the couple has returned her to the adoption agency.

The Papers, a musical

A staged reading of a musical adaptation of Henry James’ novella “The Aspern Papers” set in contemporary Key West. The piece asks how we contend with the art and accomplishments of flawed people.

King Tide, a play by Michael Marrero

A coastal community is thrust into chaos when the government orders them to relocate due to climate change. Amidst the impending crisis, the community is torn between nostalgia, resilience, and the desire to protect what they hold dear.