Scary Ghost Stories: A History of the Holiday’s Spooky Tradition with Aaron Sagers

Until relatively recently, Christmas was a time for “scary ghost stories” with its lore, traditions and mythology leaning to the dark side. Former Artist in Residence, Travel Channel/Discovery+ host and paranormal expert Sagers explores the spookier side of the season.

See Jane Run!

A fast paced and funny new musical in which a trio of leading ladies plays over 20 roles in delightful scenes and songs about today’s every woman, Jane, learning to run in her big girl shoes.

The Dinner Party

Chantal Pavageaux’s The Dinner Party offers a deliciously tart take on the intersections of women’s experiences, art, fame, trust, truth and…dinner theater. The meta, campy play-within-a-play pulls inspirations from wildly flung sources and has a good time doing it.

I Confess

Inspired by Confessional by Tennessee Williams, Albertson’s I Confess brings to light the things that we fear about ourselves, but often have in common with our neighbor. The result is exciting, funny, devastating and cathartic.