Johnsmith in Concert

For thirty-plus years, Johnsmith has shared his music across America and abroad. With faded jeans, blue eyes, and an infectious smile, audiences get the sense of a man who simply loves life, his family and friends, and sharing songs and stories. Joined by Dan Sebranek.

Tom Rush in Concert

Tom Rush’s shows are filled with the rib-aching laughter of terrific storytelling, the sweet melancholy of ballads and the passion of gritty blues. Although he’s known for his live performances, Rush’s albums are also legendary; The Circle Game, according to Rolling Stone, ushered in the singer/songwriter era.

Cary Morin in Concert

Described as “one of the best acoustic pickers on the scene today,” Morin plays with a deft finger style and melodic vocals that veer from elation to gritty world-weariness. Morin’s inimitable style is often characterized as acoustic Native Americana, blending qualities of blues, bluegrass, jazz, jam, reggae, and dance.

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