Encaustics with Gina Adams (AIR)

M $230/NM $280; limit 12

Supply list coming soon.

Online registration coming soon. Please call 305-296-0458, M-F, 10am-4pm to register now.

This two day hands-on workshop provides a basic knowledge of encaustic, a tradition dating to the ancient Greeks and enjoying renewed popularity. By mixing pigment into wax, give unusual dimension to your work, provide new substance and body to a photograph, add translucent layers, alter the illusion of space, and transform your imagery. Adams’ interdisciplinary workshop combines presentations, step- by-step instruction, and plenty of time to experiment, as well as archival techniques, methods of presentation, and basic safety. Leave your old ideas behind! Open to all levels of encaustic, beginner to advanced.

Sponsored by Green World Gallery

The Studios of Key West