Embodying Creativity (Feldenkrais Method) with Connie Rotunda

As artists we all create and tell stories, whether we are working in the fine arts or in the art of fine living.  Creativity depends on our ability to generate, sense, visualize and differentiate choices. Our stories and lives often become hampered by our habits and the image we have of ourselves.

In the somatic field, we recognize that our self image is woven into the relationship of our movement in space.  Movement is the essence of life.  Shifting how we move brings about changes in our ability to recognize more of ourselves and the choices available to us.

In this workshop, we will use the movement lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais as a means to enhance our ability to actively listen to ourselves, expanding our choices beyond the habitual.  Moving more efficiently with minimum effort toward maximum harmony and sensitivity, we foster and enhance creativity.

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$75/$55 mbrs

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533 Eaton Street

The Studios of Key West