ellen cherry and Ben Harrison

Folk Pop

Tickets Available: $25 at door

Emmy nominated singer/songwriter (and current Artist in Residence) ellen cherry mixes equal parts pathos and humor with a powerful, commanding voice and skill on both guitar and piano. Her on-stage banter gives audiences a peek into a whimsical, curious mind where History and Literature cross paths with Love and Loss. Onstage, cherry is joined by her AIR host, Key West icon Ben Harrison, whose songs are filled with warmth and wit, and fueled by a wonderful sense of the ridiculous..

cherry’s music has been described as “intimate, eloquent, elegant pop for history buffs” and her stage banter gives a peek into a whimsical and curious mind. She will perform her original songs on both piano and guitar and will debut new songs and music created during her residency.

“I’m so excited to be able to spend so much time absorbing the spirit and beautiful landscape of Key West,” says cherry. “And I’m excited to play for a new audience of music lovers in this paradise!”

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