Drawing Made with Easy Mike Rooney

$145, $120 mbrs. (discounted price will display for members upon login)

Mike Rooney gives students a succinct four-session course in visual art’s most essential skill. Painters, sculptors, and problem-solvers are invited to start from scratch on a new skill, or to brush up their existing technique with a solid review of fundamentals.

sponsored by Fausto’s Food Palace

1 pad of good quality drawing paper 9″x12″ish

#2 pencil and/or graphite stick #4b (my fave)

rollerball type pen

Sharpie black

eraser like pink pearl or white plastic

15×18 (app. size) drawing board. could be piece of thin plywood, hardboard, or very thick cardboard. something to tape your drawing paper to.

roll of masking tape (important)

small hand held mirror

small pencil sharpener

1- 8″x10″ish piece of clear plastic, plexiglass or real glass (put tape over edges so you dont get cut)

permanent black marker

non-permanent black marker

Supplies available at Books & Books with an add’tl 10% discount

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