Discovery: A Collection of Perceptual Paintings

The Studios of Key West will open its next Space 2 exhibition, “Discovery: A Collection of Perceptual Paintings” by Kristin Larkin LoGerfo on March 2. Guest curated by Michael A. Philip, and complemented by the poetry of Maureen Tracy Venti, the series of oil paintings will be on view through March 11. The public is invited to an opening reception from 6 – 8 pm on March 2, at the Historic Armory, 600 White Street.

“People tend to dream more and stretch themselves creatively when they come to Key West,” says LoGerfo, “This series of paintings represents the figures in my dreams, and reflect my discovery moments on the island.”

LoGerfo was living in New York when she first bought a home in Key West in 1995. She quickly became immersed in the community and the art of the island, and had her first local exhibition at Woodenhead Gallery in 1997. She has been traveling extensively and visiting the island frequently ever since, and she regularly shows her work in galleries throughout New York.

Having spent most of her life as successful television and stage actress (working under the professional name Kristin Larkin), LoGerfo brings a unique sensibility to her fine art practice. She is particularly attuned to the role the audience plays in the creation of art, and asks that viewers become active participants in each of her paintings.

“Sometimes my paintings appear unfinished, but what I want is for the viewer to continue the movement of the brush in their own mind,” continues LoGerfo. “By superimposing their dreams and images onto my paintings, they can become a part of the work, and hopefully learn more about themselves.”

LoGerfo’s artistic training included the study of anatomy, but she found that her paintings seemed stiff and lifeless when she became overly concerned with exact proportions. She eventually developed a freer, less realistic style of painting, with open lines, unconcealed brushstrokes, and a non-standard palette for skin tones. She stresses that for her, painting is a physical, rather than intellectual experience.

“Painting is not so different from acting: in both, you want your portrayal of a character or subject to be genuine,” says LoGerfo. “When I am onstage and when I paint, I try to live in the moment, and to truly enjoy the physical experience of the painting. I hope that the honesty comes through for the viewer.”

Discovery will continue to be on display through March 11.





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