Coming Soon to TSKW…Key West Cruisers: Rolling on the Rock

Local Artists Create Amazing Rolling Art!

During the summer and fall of 2010, twenty five brand-new Key West Cruisers will be painted by commissioned local artists as part of a special benefit for TSKW and local artists.

Several artists have already signed on to the project, and the completed bikes are sure to be some amazing works of rolling art.  The public’s first chance to see all the bicycles together will be at the annual Fantasy Fest Parade on October 30, where they will debut as The Studios of Key West’s official parade entry.  The bikes will also make an appearance in the annual Holiday parade and will be on display at select locations throughout Key West until February.

On February 26, 2011, TSKW will hold a Live Auction and Raffle of “Rolling on the Rock” bikes at the Armory.  A special evening to benefit TSKW and participating artists, the event is sure to be colorful, fabulous, and fun, and will be a great chance for you to go home with your favorite bike!

Special thanks to studio artist and Key West Conch Andy Thurber for the fantastic job he did creating the first official cruiser entry…The Bum Farto Bike.  Thurber has used his distinctive folk art style to  capture the story of Key West’s former fire chief and most infamous fugitive, Bum Farto.  On one side of the bike Thurber has painted Farto in the middle of his legendary criminal activities.  The other side of the bike shows Farto eluding police as he makes his famous secret getaway.

Thurber has painted these delightful scenes on a perfectly chosen fire engine red background.  The bicycle’s fenders are embellished with painted gold scrolls and firefighter decals and Thurber’s attention to detail has resulted in a wonderful piece of Key West art and history.

Look for more details and photos of bikes as they are created, and mark your calendar now for the very special February 26 Rolling on the Rock event at TSKW.

Special thanks also to Eaton Bikes for their participation in this event.

Bum Farto Bike by Andy Thurber

The Studios of Key West