Writing and Reading

Reading and Writing Haiku with Marsh Muirhead

Explore how haiku function as poetry, meditation and memoir, illuminating connections in our lives.

Where Do I Begin? Expressive Writing with B Lucy Stevens

Let loose, just write! Stevens helps kickstart our creativity when we have trouble starting.

Works & Words with Roberta Marks

Marks explores how and why artists create through assignments, lectures and critiques of outside work.

Ask Emily: A Writing and Tarot Salon with Emily Carr

Join Emily in a celebration of creativity as a catalyst for radical acts of connection—even and especially in these disconnecting times! In this online course, students are invited to ask questions – anything goes, as long as it’s about writing or writing-adjacent.

Where Joy Resides: Memoir with Tara O’Grady

The more we notice, the more we learn to live in the now. That’s where joy resides. O’Grady teaches us to recall the stories of our life, while living in the present.

Diving Deep with Erika Higgins Ross, PEAR

Participants will free write from a prompt and then we will share work, pull out words / phrases / sentences that feel particularly meaningful, and use those as passageways into further exploration. Higgins Ross will lead several individual writing exercises, as well as group exercises that will help participants feel safe and comfortable diving more deeply into their writing.

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