Writing and Reading

Writing Your Own Big Story Into Your Own Short Film, a screenwriting workshop with Marco Calvani

Do you have a story to tell? Are you tired of being afraid to start realizing your dream? Get all the tools you need to finally start writing for the screen with confidence. Learn how to develop your idea into the outline necessary to write the first draft of your film with award-winning filmmaker Marco Calvani as your guide.

Sunrise, Sunset: The Americanization of Jewish Culture with Stephen Kitsakos

From the roots of the Jewish diaspora, to the emergence of the Yiddish language in the early Middle Ages, the themes of suffering and survival have been associated with Judaism. Though an examination of Alechim’s book “Tevye, the Dairyman” published in 1894, we trace how his stories, adapted into the classic musical, Fiddler on the Roof, set the stage for the thematic universality of a myriad of world cultures.

Keep on Writing! with B Lucy Stevens

Let loose and continue writing whatever is on your mind and in your heart in this journal-writing workshop. Lucy will offer tips on keeping a journal that will open your eyes to the amazing person you are, give you creative expression, and enrich your life. Expressive writing also reduces anxiety, which we’ve all been feeling lately!

Gratitude Journals with Amanda Chestnut, AIR

Don’t wait for the new year to start positive changes and positive thinking. Artist in Residence Amanda Chestnut describes bookmaking as “first artistic love.” In this Saturday session, Chestnut walks students through the steps of basic bookbinding, creating a 365-page bound journal in the process. Participants learn basic stitches that will enable them to continue making books at home.

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