Writing and Reading

Screenwriting with Bob Bowersox

Ever watched a movie and thought, “I can write a better movie than that!”? Well, why not give it a shot? All you need is a little expert guidance, right? You can get it from Key West screenwriter and playwright Bob Bowersox, who returns with his popular screenwriting course.

Sunday Morning Prose with Rosalind Brackenbury

Novelists, memoir and short story authors are encouraged to submit a work in progress for feedback and workshopping. A Sunday morning gathering of creative minds builds the perfect environment to revisit works as they take shape. Writers are asked to please submit an excerpt by January 17 to rozbrackenbury@gmail.com.

Where to Start? with B. Lucy Stevens

Sometimes you just need a place to start, and that’s what you’ll get in this workshop. In a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, Lucy will introduce you to an assortment of writing prompts and exercises that will open the doors into your unique creative imagination and make it easy to start writing. Trust us, you do have something to say — everybody does!

This Living, This Dreaming, This Singing with Melanie Almeder, AIR

A two day long intensive workshop, “This Living, This Dreaming, This Singing,” provides students with a selection of poems from across the world—poems about resiliency, making transitions, and composing praise, no matter what the day brings.

Short Story Narratives with Naomi Gordon-Loebl, AIR

Participants generate new creative nonfiction work and receive feedback. During the first afternoon, Artist in Residence Gordon-Loebl leads participants in a series of writing exercises designed to generate memoir, essay, or other creative nonfiction. During the second afternoon, participants have the option to share their work and receive constructive feedback from each other as well as the instructor.

Getting to Work: Tips, Tools and Touchstones for a Writing Life with Janice Gary

Every writer knows the hardest thing about writing is actually sitting down and writing. Distractions and obstacles abound—both internal and external—stealing time and creative energy. In this workshop, we’ll identify common problems that keep us from writing and learn how stay inspired, productive and committed to our work.

Reading & Writing Haiku with Marsh Muirhead

In reading and writing haiku we will explore the idea that haiku work as poetry, meditation, memoir, photograph, and discovery. Haiku illuminate the connection between ourselves and others and the natural world. We will discuss the early masters of the form—Buson, Issa, and Basho, then move on to current practitioners. And we will write haiku, knowing that the best of them just “happen” to the writer who pays attention and waits for the flash.

Benevolent Anarchy with Jamie Ford, AIR

Learn how to dissemble social norms, structures, and expectations in your fiction.

Bringing the Funny to Fiction with Leland Cheuk, AIR

In these dark times, more than ever, readers need a laugh. At its core, comedy is an art of defying expectations, and all writers, whether you’re interested in writing comedy or not, benefit from defying expectations. This course deconstructs jokes in recent standup comedy specials, as well as funny scenes and passages in recent fiction, and use these examples as guides to help you bring the funny to your work and defy the expectations of your readers. Cheuk keeps the feedback positive. No critiquing allowed.

Writing the Short Story with Leah Griesmann, AIR

Fine-tune your writing craft in this two-part workshop: character, dialogue, scene, plot, beginnings, and endings.

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