Writing and Reading

Collecting Personal Stories with Lisa Morehouse, AIR

Lisa Morehouse gives participants the tools to collect personal stories. Over three sessions, participants will listen to interviews, craft questions and consider putting interviewees at ease, and share (or problem-solve) with each other.

Benevolent Anarchy with Jamie Ford, AIR

Learn how to dissemble social norms, structures, and expectations in your fiction.

Publish Your Novel with Francesca Padilla

A crash course on publishing, geared to anyone who has written (or started writing) any sort of book-length work but has minimal information on where to start getting it published traditionally.

Oral Storytelling with Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel, AIR

Marie Ketsia Theodore-pharel explores the inter-sectionality of the oral and the written word. Participants discuss and practice several techniques and learn how those techniques can help with writer’s block, character, plot, and mood development.

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