• THU SEP 27, 2018, 1-3PM/WORKSHOP

    Encaustics: Getting Started with Cricket Desmarais

    Curious about encaustics? Get started in a cost-effective, safe, & playful manner as you learn about the basic equipment, how to set your workspace, make your medium, & mix colors to create luminous paintings with melted & pigmented beeswax & discover how this ancient medium embraces other mediums & materials.
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  • SAT SEP 29, 2018, 10AM-1PM/WORKSHOP

    Memoir Collage with Hannah Antalek, AIR

    Can your family photo album serve as an archive of your life? Explore ideas of the family narrative as you navigate a new way to tell your story. Using personal photos and other print ephemera, participants will use collage to create an autobiographical reinterpretation of themselves.
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  • SAT OCT 20, 2018, 10AM-1PM/WORKSHOP

    Artisan Soapmaking with Angela Berube

    Participants learn a brief history of soapmaking before diving into the hands-on process of creating their own sudsy masterpieces. Students may opt for a vegetarian glycerin or goats milk base and then select natural fragrances and additives, such as loofah or cosmetic-grade mica, to alter the color and texture of their soaps.
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  • SAT NOV 10, 2018, 10AM-1PM/WORKSHOP

    Bunraku-style Puppetry with Michael Haverty

    Participants work in small teams to build bunraku-style puppets from newspaper. Following the building there will be instruction in manipulation, including breathing, walking, emotion, and working together. Short scenes will be practiced in teams. Participants will get to take their original puppet home. No experience necessary.
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  • SAT DEC 1, 2018, 10AM-3PM/WORKSHOP

    Modeling the Reef with Beatriz Chachamovitz

    Key West community members are invited to dive into the forms and textures of corals, sponges, small invertebrates and day-to-day plastic objects that end up in our seas. Together, the group will create an installation comprised of hundreds of small ceramic objects, each a unique piece of the ecosystem.
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  • SAT DEC 8, 2018, 10AM-12PM/WORKSHOP

    Holiday Makers: Beeswax Selfies for Kids & Teens with Cricket Desmarais

    Put the cellphones away & spend two hours immersed in a creative process that will leave you with a self-portrait like no other. We use melted and pigmented beeswax to create a piece you can take home and be proud of. Give it as a gift or keep it all to yourself!
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