Sculpture, Photo, and Mixed Media

Timeless Textiles with Andrea Varga

Explore the deep cultural connections of textiles and the historical importance of fibers.

The Photographer’s Playbook with Mark Hedden

A collection of exercises, designed to change the way you think about photography.

Collage with Pamela Kostmayer

Collage artist Kostmayer starts her introduction to collage by presenting samples of different kinds of collage, and then moving into surface preparation, elements of value, color and texture, balance, compositions, variety of papers, textures, adhesives for different papers, elements of design and principles of design.

iPhone Photography with Tamara Alvarez

Alvarez works with students to get the most out of their smartphone photos. Students will receive assignments that send them out into the world to capture people, places and moments and then return to the online platform for critique sessions.

Papercutting 101 with Lucy Hawk

Create intricate, island-inspired designs from a single sheet of paper.

Mixed Media Layering on Yupo with Jean Pederson

Students will explore various combinations of mixed media with an emphasis on water-soluble paints and mediums. During the workshop, students develop a variety of surfaces and backgrounds grounds.

Intro to Handmade Gemstone Jewelry with Abigail Houff

Learn the basics of creating semi-precious, handlinked jewelry. Gemstones and metal kit included.

Decoupage: A New Look at an Old Craft with Leslie Linsley

Linsley, whose work was collected by Jackie Kennedy and has been carried by Tiffany & Co., teaches students how to create decoupage objects worthy of becoming heirloom objects.

Zen of Nature Printing with Dawn Wilkins

Explore the many qualities that Nature Printing & Zen share in this print making class connecting artists with nature.

Art Journaling with Marlene Koenig

Express your deepest thoughts or daily goings-on through a creative journal.

Street Photography & Portraiture with Matthew Leifheit, AIR

Photographer, magazine editor and publisher Leifheit leads students on photographic expedition through the streets of Key West. With a keen eye toward street photography and portraiture, Leifheit imbues the sessions with a mix of historical references and technique training. The course culminates with a group critique on Friday.

DIY Spa Day with Angela Berube

Treat yourself…and teach yourself. Learn how to make your own hydrating lotion bars, bath bombs and salt scrubs. Give them as gifts or keep them and just pamper yourself.

Photo Critiques with Tamara Alvarez

For returning students. Alvarez continues her popular online critique series, offering up new assignments each week to prompt students, followed by virtual critique sessions.

Intro to Handmade Gemstone Jewelry with Abigail Houff

Learn the basics of creating semi-precious, handlinked jewelry. Gemstones and metal kit included.

Gelli Plate Printing with Marlene Koenig

Gelli plates are a gelatinous slab used to create acrylic mono prints & magazine photo transfers, making beautiful images that stand on their own or can be incorporated into collage or mixed media work. Learn several different techniques including how to create print layers, how to use stencils, create transfers and use stamps with your Gelli Plate.

Printmaking with Cricket Desmarais

Discover the art of printmaking using the island’s bounty of found natural objects as inspiration. We will integrate the basic principles of design into our work via a variety of prompts, consider how to use our found objects and explore the boundaries between accidental and intentional art through experimentation.

Hand Built: Polymer Clay with Elisabeth Arzt, AIR

Learn hand building techniques and color composition with polymer clay and found objects.

Linoleum Cut Relief Printing with Amy Fleming, AIR

Basic relief printmaking: carve an image of your design and pull prints.

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