We’re pleased to offer a suite of online classes to complement our in-person classes. The classes listed below will all take place online. Looking for a listing of all our classes? You can view them here. (online classes will be stamped with the white “The Studios Online” logo).

Painters of the Hudson River School with Kerry Dean Carso

A series of three illustrated lectures will serve as an introduction to the Hudson River School, a group of nineteenth-century American landscape painters. The Hudson River School was part of the larger movement of Romanticism that exalted in natural scenes as a response to the Industrial Revolution.

Drawing Made Easy with Mike Rooney

Mike Rooney gives students a succinct four-session course in visual art’s most essential skill. Painters, sculptors, and problem-solvers are invited to start from scratch on a new skill, or to brush up their existing technique with a solid review of fundamentals.

Virtual Paint Night for Kids with Tara Popick

You sip, they paint, grab a snack, put your favorite playlist on, and let’s get creative… This online virtual painting class for kids will begin with a short demo and instruction, then continue with an open paint-along style class session. Paint along with Tara in three unique subjects: “The Great Wave,” “Cat and Butterfly” and “Abstract Landscape”

Expressive Writing: Let Loose! with B. Lucy Stevens

Let loose and write whatever is on your mind and in your heart in this journal-writing workshop. Lucy will offer tips on keeping a journal that will open your eyes to the amazing person you are, give you creative expression, and enrich your life. Expressive writing also reduces anxiety, which we’ve all been feeling lately!

Sustainability in Our Closets with Andrea Varga

If you want to figure out ways to be a better consumer and more conscious about the clothing you use, Professor Andrea Varga will provide an overview of the Global Fashion Industry, its impact on our environment, social and economic systems, and how you can make choices that will make a difference.

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