Music, Performance, and Movement

Comedy Scene Study with Dennis Zacek

Explore farce, realistic comedy, and high comedy through scene study.

Hamlet to Hamilton: Play Your Dream Role with Nancy 3. Hoffman and Caroline Taylor

Take on any song, scene, speech or role you’d like to slip into.

Devising 101 with Chantal Pavageaux

An outline of the artistic process. Research, make, edit and present…anything!

How to Audition with John McDonald

Practical knowledge and straightforward information. Learn to put your best foot forward.

Screenwriting: How the Greats Begin with Matt Flynn

Let the “greats” help perfect your screenplay, or simply steer you toward your beginning.

The Red Door is Open: Collaborative Artmaking with Robert Hitz

A creative collective wherein artists of different disciplines create work inspired by others.

Expressive Arts & the Tamalpa Life Art Process with Katharine Doughty

Discover embodied creativity through movement, drawing, writing.

Make Your Stories Stageworthy with Toby Armour

Stage Director Armour helps students turn great tales into great storytelling.

ACTOUT! Kids Spring Break Workshop with Nancy 3 Hoffman and Caroline Taylor

Get creative, get wild and do your thing this spring!

Songwriting: The Ultimate Puzzle with Ben Harrison

Troubadour Harrison walks through the sometimes frustrating, always rewarding songwriting process.

Image, Words and Movement with Andrea Panzeca

Teaching artist Panzeca leads participants through a series of exercises in writing, drawing, and movement.

Mindful Minis: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids with Jessica Webb

Using art, imagination, toys and affirmations Webb coaxes kids age 6-10 into the moment, teaching meditation and mindfulness.