Between Two Palms

Between Two Palms is a livestream series of intimate conversations between award-winning art-makers from the performing, visual and literary arts and members of The Studios family. Select Wednesdays at 6PM EST join us for an hour as we explore how stage, TV & film performers, designers, writers and visual artists are keeping the creative spirit alive through these turbulent times.

Exploring Gender and Sexual Identity Through Musical Theatre with Stephen Kitsakos

An examination of three seminal works of theatre, explored through the sexual lives of their principal characters using the conventions of musical theatre to edify, educate and entertain.

Sunrise, Sunset: The Americanization of Jewish Culture with Stephen Kitsakos

From the roots of the Jewish diaspora, to the emergence of the Yiddish language in the early Middle Ages, the themes of suffering and survival have been associated with Judaism. Though an examination of Alechim’s book “Tevye, the Dairyman” published in 1894, we trace how his stories, adapted into the classic musical, Fiddler on the Roof, set the stage for the thematic universality of a myriad of world cultures.

West Side Story: A Cultural Perspective on an American Tragedy with Stephen Kitsakos

Is it racism that precipitated the tragedy in West Side Story and not just miscommunication as in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet? How does the marginalization of outsiders keep repeating itself in the story of America? How did four gay men: Bernstein, Sondheim, Laurents & Robbins create a musical which captures the universality of the immigrant experience and provide the basis for racial conflict in mid-20th century urban life?

Demystifying Classical Music with Nancy 3. Hoffman

What’s the difference between Beethoven and Bach? Sharpen your ear in a fun class.

Intro to Opera: Opera Through the Ages with Vincent Zito

From Mozart to contemporary works, Zito takes a sometimes-intimidating art form and makes it accessible…and fun!

Benevolent Anarchy with Jamie Ford, AIR

Learn how to dissemble social norms, structures, and expectations in your fiction.

Beethoven in the 21st Century with Orlando Garcia, AIR

Orlando Garcia discusses the perception of Beethoven’s work during and after his life and imagines what his work would be like if composed in contemporary times.

Exploring Systemic Inequity Through Art with Halim Flowers, AIR

Halim Flowers uses his paintings and poetry to guide a conversation about the root of systemic socio-economic illnesses that harm marginalized people in our nation. This class will be an open dialogue, not a monologue.

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