Slow Flow in the Gallery with Cricket Desmarais

    Strength, balance, flexibility. A class for all ages and stages.
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  • SATURDAYS & 1 WEDNESDAY JAN 12 - FEB 27, 2019, 10AM - 12PM/ WORKSHOP

    Comedy Scene Study with Dennis Zacek

    Explore such forms as farce, realistic comedy, and high comedy through scene study and class discussion.
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    Drawing Made Easy with Mike Rooney

    A perfect start for beginners, a solid refresher for advanced students.
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  • SAT FEB 23, 2019, 12-3PM/WORKSHOP

    Intermediate Encaustic: Collage with Cricket Desmarais

    You have the skills, now discover your voice. Take your knowledge of encaustics to the next level with new approaches as you review and refine your skills. Students work through a series of layering technique studies to create finished works.
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  • MON & TUE FEB 25 & 26, 2019, 4-6PM/WORKSHOP

    The First Five Pages with Barbara Ross and Roberta Isleib (Lucy Burdette)

    The opening scene in a novel or short story establishes the characters, the setting, and most importantly, the voice. Story questions in those first pages should engage readers and entice them to read on. Your novel or story should begin with a strong opening sentence and end with a strong hook.
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    Portrait Documentary with Quincy Perkins

    Create an intimate and compelling portrait through documentary film.
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  • MON FEB 25, 2019, 10AM-2PM/WORKSHOP

    Fused Glass Plates with Cheryl Wilson Smith

    Utilize color theory and design principles to create a fused glass plate. This  will be a single day workshop with pieces being collected the following week.
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  • THU FEB 28, 2019, 3-6PM/WORKSHOP

    Dip Pen Calligraphy with Margot Griffin

    Learn the classic approach to decorative hand-lettering. Leave this workshop feeling confident in your classy calligraphy skills.
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  • SAT MAR 9, 2019, 9AM-12PM/WORKSHOP

    Full Circle Wood Production with Jimmy Wray

    Jimmy Wray leads visitors on a tour of his woodworking studio on Stock Island and demonstrates the process of creating wood art – from tree to mill to finished sculpture. Jimmy will be demonstrating the use of a large bandsaw mill for reducing logs to usable wood as well as exploring the various species of local tropical hardwoods.
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  • SUN MAR 10, 2019, 10AM-5PM/WORKSHOP

    Creative iPhoneography with Shirley Drevich

    As most people with a smart phone in their pocket have come to realize, there’s a world of possibility within that little package. Drevich, who has gained national attention and numerous awards for her work, shows users how to tap into their camera’s full potential as a strong creative tool.
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  • SAT MAR 16, 2019, 11AM-12:30PM/WORKSHOP

    Cuban “Yo Yo” Fishing Lines with Tom Noeker

    Stock Island artist Tom Noeker turns Cuban mahogany on a lathe to make one-of-a-kind “Cuban YoYo’s” for fishing. The traditional Cuban Yoyo is a device that’s elegant in its simplicity, a handheld wooden spool used for casting fishing line that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. In about an hour, Noeker takes a raw piece of wood and has it ready for varnish, right in front of your eyes.
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  • SAT MAR 30, 2019, 12-3PM/WORKSHOP

    Dirty Words, Pretty Lettering with Margot Griffin

    Griffin continues her calligraphy study with some more colorful language.
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