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Getting Started on Your Novel with Hays Blinckmann

Put words on the page and put yourself out there. Focus and motivate your inner writer, whether you have a novel in mind, are halfway done, or are completed.

Intuitive Painting with B. Lucy Stevens

A supportive environment and thoughtful instruction will allow you to focus on your intuitive, creative spirit in an approach to painting that is enjoyable and non-judgmental.

Portrait Drawing with Jessica Burke, PEAR

Jessica Burke, professor of art at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, instructs students in the fundamentals of portrait drawing with a live model.

Basic Paint Pouring with Sandy West

Using both chemistry and artistry, explore a creative way of painting through pouring different acrylic paints.

Plein Air Painting with Nataliia Nosyk, PEAR

Ukrainian artist Nataliia Nosyk teaches students how to capture nature scenes quickly and effectively with plein air techniques.

The Artist’s Way with Rosalind Brackenbury

Discover and recover your creative self! The Artist’s Way is an international bestseller and millions of readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist’s life.

Thundering Through Being with Flower Conroy

Explore the unexpected with an open mind! Over the course of this generative workshop, participants can expect to draft several new poems inspired by prompts.

Trigger Warnings! with Stephen Kitsakos

With graphic plots, settings and explicit themes, playwrights sought to depict contemporary circumstances on the stage through “naturalism.”

Enjoyable Astronomy with Larry Halstead

Explore astronomy over two nights! Learn what to expect from firsthand views of planets, star clusters, nebulae, and (if we’re lucky) a galaxy or two.

As Above So Below with Fiona Morehouse

This plein air workshop focuses on the rich historical and biological life of the Kapok Tree utilizing a variety of drawing and painting techniques, to get up close and personal to this majestic Key West icon.