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Painting Boot Camp with Rick Worth

Join our most popular class in a new setting, at a new time. Paint along with Rick Worth and discover why he’s one of the island’s most beloved artists! Have fun, learn essential skills, and walk away with a brand new painting each week. All levels, materials included.

West Side Story: A Cultural Perspective on an American Tragedy with Stephen Kitsakos

Is it racism that precipitated the tragedy in West Side Story and not just miscommunication as in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet? How does the marginalization of outsiders keep repeating itself in the story of America? How did four gay men: Bernstein, Sondheim, Laurents & Robbins create a musical which captures the universality of the immigrant experience and provide the basis for racial conflict in mid-20th century urban life?

Printmaking with Cricket Desmarais

Discover the art of printmaking using the island’s bounty of found natural objects as inspiration. We will integrate the basic principles of design into our work via a variety of prompts, consider how to use our found objects and explore the boundaries between accidental and intentional art through experimentation.

Writing Your Own Big Story Into Your Own Short Film, a screenwriting workshop with Marco Calvani

Do you have a story to tell? Are you tired of being afraid to start realizing your dream? Get all the tools you need to finally start writing for the screen with confidence. Learn how to develop your idea into the outline necessary to write the first draft of your film with award-winning filmmaker Marco Calvani as your guide.

Expressive Writing: Let Loose! with B. Lucy Stevens

Let loose and write whatever is on your mind and in your heart in this journal-writing workshop. Lucy will offer tips on keeping a journal that will open your eyes to the amazing person you are, give you creative expression, and enrich your life. Expressive writing also reduces anxiety, which we’ve all been feeling lately!

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