Cigar Box Guitars with Mike ‘Katfish’ Karash

$170/150 mbrs. (discounted price will display for members upon login)

Create a fully functioning instrument from a classic cigar box.

The human spirit always finds a way…Only the wealthy could afford the musical instruments produced individually, by hand, by the luthiers and craftsman of the 1800’s. But, poverty would not stop the music within the common man. Slaves, farmers, and soldiers would collect a broom or tool handle, a wooden box, a scrap of wire or string, and fashion their own banjos, guitars and fiddles. The earliest photos and etchings date to the Civil War era. When they became more common, cigar boxes and metal tins offered strong, lightweight, ready made bodies for homemade instruments.

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Mike ‘Katfish’ Karash teaches budding musicians, of all ages, how to create their own instruments. As he says of the process, “I’m not sure which makes me more proud and emotional, when a real musician makes great music with something I’ve made, or when a little child grins at the loud twang they can make from a stick and a candy tin. The kid I think…”

All materials included.

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