Alexandra Dietz

Artist talk: Oct 11, 6-7pm
Tales from the Tide: Oct 29, 6pm

After traveling the world as a photo-documentarian, Alexandra Dietz found the diversity, color and intrigue she was seeking right here in Key West. Changing Tides takes viewers on a 5-month tour of the island’s distinct subcultures and introduces a host of one-of-a-kind characters. She turns her honest but compassionate lens toward each in turn, while examining the ways they inform one another: Conchs, Cubans, fishermen, drug-runners, tourists, snowbirds, and drag queens (just to name a few). Combined, her strikingly executed color portraits tell the unique story of an island whose strength lies in its embrace of individuality.

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Artist Statement

At the southernmost tip of Florida, you’ll find Key West, a 2 by 4 mile island isolated by miles of open water. My travels as a photo-documentarian have taken me around the world, but in no other place have I found such wildly disparate cultures and communities tumbled together in such a small area.

Since the Spanish arrival in 1521on Cayo Hueso, the “Bone Island”, travelers and adventure seekers have been drawn to this place that still carries the legends of shipwrecks and pirates. Key West’s port still attracts people from all walks of life; Sailors and Fisherman, Hippies and Artists, Poachers and Smugglers, Locals or “Conchs” as they’re known on the island, Bahamians and Cuban immigrants, Drag Queens and Musicians, members of the prominent LGBT community, and swarms of sunburnt tourists and college students who come and go with the season.

Photography provides a visceral and immediate way to convey the essence of an experience. It gives me a language that has allowed me to cross cultural boundaries around the world. I share a personal history with Key West, and the images I have captured are a loving tribute to a place that was an integral part of my own coming-of-age.

The Studios of Key West