The following friends and donors gave generously to establish a permanent home for The Studios of Key West (2014-19) including the purchase and renovation of 533 Eaton Street, Books & Books at The Studios, and our Hugh’s View roof terrace:

$1,500,000 +

Monroe County Tourist Development Council

$400,000 +

The Helmerich Trust
James and Marjorie Sanger

$200,000 – $399,999

Dogwood Foundation
Janet Hinkle
Claudia Miller
State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs
Rosi and Jeff Ware

$75,000 – $199,999

Judy Blume and George Cooper
The Goode Family Foundation
David and Susan Goode
Christina and Martha Goode
Roger and Marny Heinen
Blake Hunter and Murphy Davis
Lynn Kaufelt
State of Florida, Division of Historical Resources
Judith and Stanley Zabar

$50,000 – $74,999

Bill Basiliko
Peyton Evans
Seward and Cecilia Johnson
Susan Henshaw Jones and Richard K. Eaton
Stephen Kitsakos and John DeWald
The Rodel Charitable Foundation
Jay and Carolyn Scott

$25,000 – $49,999

Dotty Love Ballantyne and Fitz Coker
Lucy Barker and Tom Swain
Janet and Charlie Bengel
Marian and Russell Burke
Colin and Paula Cabot
Billy Cartledge and Jim Hall
Roger Emmons and Kenn Edwards
Bill Grose and Stephen Murphy
Rita Linder and Perry Arnold
Sandra and Lee McMannis
Jim Morris and Bob Wood
Neal Ruchman and Melissa Jean McDaniel
Ken Silverman and Kate Regan
Rob and Fran Silverman
Christopher Smith and Pamella Spence
Bert Whitt and Dennis Beaver

$10,000 – $24,999

Mary Ellen and Clay Beattie
Tom and Kitty Clements
Mary Jean Connors and Geoffrey Tomb
Evan and Barbara Corns
Dana Dickinson
Brian Donovan and William Kirkwood
Gift in Honor of Peyton Evans
James Gleick and Cynthia Crossen
Henry Holliday
Dick and Norma Klein
Perry Johnston and Annette Liggett
Clark and June Luster
Gordon and Meridyth McIntosh
Holly Merrill
Bonnie Piceu and Paul Dietz
Betty Rubenstein
Clark and Jean Shannon
Kerry and Diane Shelby
David Wolkowsky

$5,000 – $9,999

Margo Alexander
Dale Allen
Jon Allen
Carey Alexander and Christine Bassett
Dan Bready
Amb. Amy Bondurant and David Dunn
Jean Carper
Barry Cook and Harrell Odom
Libby and Michael de Caetani
Robert and Andrea Dodds
Cindy and Grenville Emmet
Lee Garrison
Linda and Fred Greenberg
Brian and Helen Heekin
Bruce Hunter
Jonathan Ingham and Cathy Sembert
Jeff Johnson and Hy Conrad
Tap Johnson
Michael and Dana McClure
Linda and Michael Mewshaw
Patrice and Herb Miller
Mike and Kathy Mulvaney
Bill and MaryCarlin Porter
Rosanne Potter and Bill McCarthy
John and Marilyn Rintamaki
Ross and Anne McKee
Stephen Selka
Bunnie Smith
Deborah Ann Snelgrove
The Residences at Peary Court
Paula and John Tishok
Fred and Rita Troxel
Rod and Jo Vanderhoof
Glen and Margaret Wood
Brian Wruble and Kathleen Bratton

$2,500 – $4,999

Ron and Joyce Burd
Linda Downs and Angela Majors
Steven and Liz Goldstone
Janet Goodman
John and Karen Hammond
Maxine Makover and Jack Paul
Emalyn Mercer
Brian and Susan Savitch
Ann and Steve Sunkel
Kenny Weschler

$1,000 – $2,499

Robert N. Alfandre Foundation
Carrie Babich
Candy Block
Stacy and James Blumenthal
Bill Brown
Gift in honor of Bill Brown
Mona Browne
Kendall Cameron and Keri O’Brien
Sherri Brye and Bruce Harper
Katie and Joe Friscia
Susan Cardenas, PA
Tom and Kathy Cawley
Campbell Cawood and Tim Otte
Prudence Churchill and Lawrence Plummer
Jeffrey and Julie Cornfeld
Annie Dillard
Jed Dodds and Molly Ross
Ian Fraser
Connie Gilbert and Friends
Deborah and Sidney Goldman
Suzanne Howze and Michael Ryan
Stuart and Susan Kaufman
Chris and Ernie Kent
Keys Wealth Management
Peter and Monnie King
Suanne Kitchar and Richard Hatch
Stanley Kovack
Teresa Long and Steve Hatch
Jennifer Lopes
Chris Mario
Frances McKenzie
Roger and Cindy McVeigh
Kevin Melloncamp
Edward Pitts and Marilyn Miller
Gift in honor of Jim Morris and Bob Wood
Jane Dawkins and Charles Newman
Old Island Restoration Foundation
Guillermo Orozco and Kent Ducote
John Padget and Jacob Dekker
Bill and Renay Regardie
Robert Richardson
James and Elgenia Ross
Stephen and Kathy Russ
Peter Rysman
Dayle Salsgiver
Lee Sider and Greg Stanton
Gift in honor of Rob and Fran Silverman
Rosalee Sprout and Bud Ames
Dallas and LouAnn Steely
Gift in Honor of Robert Stone
Anne Sullivan
Denison Tempel
Andy and Marie Vanderhoof
Kathy Walters
Jimmy and Susan Weekley
Roger and Mary Ann Westerlund
Stuart Woods