Capital Campaign Met, $776,100 Raised for Residency Renovation!

The Studios of Key West would like to thank the generous donors who have contributed to the Ashe Street Capital Campaign.  Thanks to a tremendous outpouring of community support, $776,000 has been raised in less than half a year, and the dream of expanding the TSKW Residency program is now a reality.

Beginning June 15, the properties behind the Armory at 607 and 609 Ashe Street will be renovated to accommodate TSKW’s expanding artist residency program.

The renovation will include the creation of three suites with two attached working studios for visiting artists-in-residence. A large covered back deck will provide a beautiful indoor/outdoor space for gatherings up to twenty people, and the adjoining lot will be transformed into a wonderful nature center filled with rotating sculpture installations.

Upon completion of the project in February 2012, TSKW will be able to host 40 artists each year for a month-long residency. The expanded residency program will allow TSKW to continue to offer world-class workshops, live performances and thrilling exhibitions for many, many years to come. It will also give the gift of Key West to visiting artists as they are given the gift of time and space to develop their work.

Special thanks to the project architect Guillermo Orozco, spacial designer Debra Yates, and General Contractors Affiliated Design and Construction Managers, LLC.

Look for images and updates on our progress over the next few months.

Thanks to all of the following people who contributed so generously.

Visionary – $100,000 and above
Claudia Miller
Marjorie and James Sanger
Peyton Evans
Rodel Foundation

Innovator – $50,000 and above
Monroe County Tourist Development Council
Sandra and Lee McMannis

Architect – $25,000 and above
Dogwood Foundation
Margo and Bob Alexander
Stanley and Judith Zabar

Designer – $10,000 and above
George Cooper and Judy Blume
Janet Hinkle

Artisan – $5000 and above
At Home In Key West
Bill Grose and Stephen Murphy
Bob Alfandre
Clark and Jean Shannon
Dana and Michael McClure
Dick and Norma Klein
Dotty Love Ballantyne
Jay and Carolyn Scott
Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell
Roger Emmons and Kenn Edwards
Truman and Co. Real Estate Company

Craftsman – $2500 and above
Barbara and Evan Corns
Brian Donovan and Bill Kirkwood
Elaine Weitzen
Linda and Michael Mewshaw
Lynn and David Kaufelt
Marguerite Whitney
Rita Linder and Perry Arnold
Susan Henshaw Jones

Carpenter – $1000 and above
Anne and Ben Bergeron
Anne and Steve Sunkel
Betty Hettinger
Bonnie Piceu and Paul Dietz
Deborah and Sidney Goldman
Jay Levin and Greg Rowley
John Padget
Jules and Diane Eberhardt
Kerry and Diane Shelby
Mary and Richard Grusin
Mobil Foundation Match
Rosi and Jeff Ware
Rudy Molinet and Harry Hoehn
Robert and Louise Barfknecht
Tom and Kathy Cawley

Builder – Up to $999
James and Miriam Katsikis
Martha Barnes

The Studios of Key West