Cape Cod School Underpainting with Mike Rooney

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It’s all about temperature, and we’re not talking about the tropical sunshine. Rooney walks his students through the classic Cape Cod School approach to building an underpainting. By selecting colors with the right values, you’ll ensure your painting has the successful foundation it needs to become a finished piece.

Supply List from Mike Rooney

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  I also suggest that you do a 6” x 8” painting before class as a dry run before the workshop to see if you’re missing anything you might need. Some of these things you can live without, some you cant!
This list is what I carry but if you’re an experienced painter, bring what you like the best, and feel free to substitute.  for instance, don’t run out and buy synthetic brushes because I use them. bring whatever supplies you like to use. If you’re inexperienced this is a great list of stuff you’ll need in your painting journey.

must have acrylics in starred colors. if youre going to paint oils bring oils too

Tube Paints   NOTE—*** means you MUST have these at least
Yellow Ochre
***Cadmium Yellow Light
***Cadmium Red Light
***Alizarin Crimson
***Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium Orange Hue
Sap Green
Cadmium Violet or some version of Purple
***Large tube of Titanium White

the complete list are the colors I use. if you have other favorites, bring them too.
note: I use Lukas Oil paint available at Jerry’s Artarama. it dries very fast and has excellent handling properties. I use the cheapest acrylics I can find since they’ll be covered up by my topcoat of oil paint.

Palette made of wood or plastic to mix the paint on
Painting Panels or Canvases: bring a couple of small (8×10) to midsize (9×12-12×16) per day. leave the really big ones at home. if you just have to go big don’t go bigger than 16×20. Bring a few extra just for good measure. you’d hate to want another panel and not have it.
Panel Holders- to carry wet panels around without smearing them or getting paint all over everything. you can get some online from Raymar or bring some pizza boxes to throw the wet paintings into.
Cheap watercolor paper or mixed media pad for exercises; 8” x 10” or 9×12, 140 #(pound) at least

Brushes- any stiff synthetic brush like Liquitex Freestyles (my personal faves), Princeton 6300’s or Silver Bristlon (or your own favorites) in sizes 2, 4, and 8.I use a flat in the 2 and brights for my 4 and 8, but paint with what you like.  Also if you have a Michaels Craft Store nearby you can use the brand American Painter. Find the stiffest synthetic. Also need a synthetic Liner (also called a Rigger) brush. its thin and has very long hairs ( for detail work )

Palette knife; metal (small to medium)

Sketchbook, pencil, erasure, sharpener

Easel or Pochade- has several types. try the lightweight, portable “Feather” easel weighs less than 2 pounds and retails for under $30; a french easel works great too. 

Smart Phone with pictures you’d like to paint on it or photographs: several, detailed, landscape photos photos with good light and shadow pattern (stark difference between what’s being struck by the light and what’s in shadow).
Odorless mineral spirits
Metal or plastic container for thinner
Paper towels or rags

*If you’re a somewhat experienced painter don’t feel like you have to go out and get all that’s on this list. this is just what I use but bring what you like, brush and paintwise. bring what you like to use if you’re used to painting regularly. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them. email me at

Stay on top of things!

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