Calling all Plant Lovers…



Visiting Artist Seeks Interview Subjects

Nellie Appleby, one of the November visiting artists at The Studios of Key West, is looking for people to interview about their relationship with plants, gardens, and the culture of horticulture. She creates work inspired by and often including plant life, and is seeking Key West residents who care for gardens, work with the land, keep orchids, and are in touch with the botanical world. Appleby has been exploring some of Key West’s primary plant wonders, such as Nancy’s Secret Garden, West Martello Garden Club, and the Butterfly Kingdom, and now wants to conduct a series of short interviews with locals. If interested in meeting with Appleby, or even showing her your special garden or a beloved form of plant life, please contact The Studios of Key West during Thanksgiving week, or stop by the Armory, to set an appointment.

The Studios of Key West