Cabaret Performers Interviewed at the Armory

The stars of “Alone Together For the First Time Again… Again!” recently sat down at the Armory to answer a few questions about their lives, their cabaret act, and falling in love…

John Simon is known for having produced records for The Band. Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, andC. C. Loveheart was raised in Las Vegas where Elvis once laid his head on her 13-year old lap and the acme of family entertainment was watching the A-Bomb tests in the desert. Since then her checkered career has led her to acting for stage, screen and television.

has been called “brilliant, deeply moving, outstanding adult entertainment.”
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Q. So…you’ve come down here to KW from up North?
A:  Yes, from Big Pine Key.
Actually, we came from upstate New York, near Woodstock.

Q:  That’s where the Woodstock Festival was held, right?
A:  No, that was held in China.The last Olympic games were held in Woodstock.  We may have that wrong—but, there were some pretty big crowds in town.

Q:  You’re both married, right?
A:  …to each other … for 36 years.

Q:  Can you tell us how that happened?
A:  We both said, “Yes.”

Q:  How would you characterize your cabaret act?
A:   Carefully.

Q:  OK.  Well, C.C., Rex Reed in his glowing review of your act refers to your “Audrey Hepburn neck”.  Did you ever meet Ms. Hepburn?
A:  No, but I know her neck personally.

Q:  John, you’ve had some career as a record producer, including such luminaries as Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Mama Cass and The Band.  You’ve worked with Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Joni Mitchell, David Sanborn and Gil Evans.  Would you be able to tell us what Janis Joplin was really like?
A:   No.

Q:  No?
A:  No, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I’m really like.

Q:  C.C. in reading your PR blurbs, it refers to your checkered career leading to a “louche” life.  What does “louche” even mean?
A:  Webster tells us it means, “disreputable, yet seductive.”  Louche often is used in referring to the theatre.

Q:  Are you comfortable with that harsh depiction of the theatre?
A:  Oh yes.  You really can’t say that “louche” refers to being….say, a plumber.

Q:  Have you ever been a plumber?
A:  I have plumbed men’s souls.

Q:  You were raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Did that make for a unique childhood?
A:  I do count differently than most….,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…jack queen, king, ace.

Q:  Anything else?
A:  I always left a tip on the table for my mom after meals.  But, I’m sure everyone does that.

Q:  And?
A:  When I was born the doctor started yelling, “New shooter comin’ out, Place your bets, ladies and gents, new shooter comin’ out.”

Q:  And John, what was the most exciting thing from your childhood?
A: Coco Puffs.

Q:  Well, we’re all looking forward to your performance of “Alone Together For The First Time Again … Again!”  On Sunday, March 7th, 8PM at TSKW.  May I ask why you repeat that last word?
A: What what last last word word?

Q: “Again”.  The name of your show is “Alone Together For The First Time Again … Again!”

A: It is?  Oh, yeah, right.  Well, we did our show in many cabaret venues in NYC, in Hollywood, St. Pete, lots of places for lots of years.  Then, life circumstances had us put it away for awhile.  So the second use of the word  “Again” refers to the fact that we’ve dusted some of the old act off, written some new material and are pleased as punch to be performing it again…again.

Q: My last question is, do you have any other thoughts to share with us about this upcoming cabaret act of yours?
A:  Yes.  You don’t need to wear 3D glasses.

Q:  This isn’t a question.
It’s a statement.  Thank you, John Simon and C.C. Loveheart.  We’re looking forward to 8 PM on Sunday, March 7th and “Alone Together For The First Time Again … Again!”

The Studios of Key West