Bringing the Funny to Fiction with Leland Cheuk, AIR

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Delve into the timeless relevance of Greek tragedy by reading, interpreting and re-contextualizing five plays by Euripides, Aeschylus & Sophocles.

In these dark times, more than ever, readers need a laugh. At its core, comedy is an art of defying expectations, and all writers, whether you’re interested in writing comedy or not, benefit from defying expectations. This course deconstructs jokes in recent standup comedy specials, as well as funny scenes and passages in recent fiction, and use these examples as guides to help you bring the funny to your work and defy the expectations of your readers. Cheuk keeps the feedback positive. No critiquing allowed.

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A former standup comic in New York City, I currently lead free writing workshops for the New York Writers Coalition, which offers workshops to underrepresented groups such as special needs adults, the incarcerated, cancer survivors, and disadvantaged youth. I also teach fiction workshops at The Writing Institute of Sarah Lawrence College.

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