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Art and book lovers unite! One of the best bookstores in America is coming to Key West in 2016! Books & Books @ The Studios is the newest branch of the locally-owned, independently-minded neighborhood bookstore, which won Publishers Weekly ‘Bookstore of the Year’ in 2015, serves as a community center for writers and readers, and hosts a diverse and stunning selection of author events each year.

The store opens as part of The Studios of Key West’s gleaming new art center just one block from Duval Street. The 3-story, 1950’s former Masonic Temple is already buzzing with art classes, performances, artist studios and exhibitions. With Books & Books @ The Studios, it now has a dedicated space for the literary arts as well.

Books & Books @ The Studios opens with over 75 running feet of shelves and 2,500 titles, so its offerings are broad as well as deep, featuring local authors and art books alongside the latest best sellers and more. The selections are carefully curated by the staff at Books & Books’ in Coral Gables, with input from Key West literary luminaries like Judy Blume and James Gleick. They, and legions of others, have put time and energy behind the project, and can even be found in the store helping customers and ringing out sales.

credit: Johnny White