Batik: Session ll with Wendy Tatter

In this workshop students will learn the Batik technique, creating intricate textile pieces out of simple materials and designs. This art is practiced around the world, bringing cloth, wax, and color together to build a bold product.


Wendy Tatter will be teaching two separate Batik workshops.

Details & Links

Class Price:

$185/160 mbrs

Class Times:



533 Eaton Street

Prep for this Workshop

The origins, and the basics of the art of painting with wax and dyes on fabric will be explored. Each student is asked to bring at least 2 drawings on 100% white cotton fabric, drawn in pencil. The drawing should be a line drawing taking up the whole space on the fabric…no shading and nothing intricate. It can be any subject or abstract.

IE.) Use a WHITE pillow case or sheet from your closet or a second hand store and cut the seams off. You will have 2 perfectly sized pieces of fabric.
If you draw from a picture, bring it with you to match the colors. Bringing a “ready to work on” design will give enough time to finish at least 2 batiks during the class.

Examples of the prepped work can be found below:

The Studios of Key West