Attention! TSKW Painting Boot Camp Works by Students of Rick Worth

On View June 13-29, Armory Main Hall

Guest curated by Michele Atkinson

In addition to his amazing skill as an artist, Rick Worth is one of those rare individuals who is able to –  and enjoys – sharing his work with others. For over four years, he has been inspiring up to 60 students each week to paint in his Painting Boot Camp class at TSKW.

Featuring work by:

Michele Atkinson, Julio Avael, Phyllis Bennett, Dorothy Child, Christina Cox, Joyce Dahlberg, Linda Fife, Cathy Flanagan, Peary Fowler, Gary Gethen, Theo Glorie, Diane Glorie, Samantha Gonzalez, Vicki Gordon, MaryBeth McCulloch, Lucas Mejia, Colleen Mellies, Will Nethaway, Patricia Neyra, Frank Ortega, Eileen Quinn, Diane Savicky, Brent Thole, Kristina Welburn, Colette Wik & Anita Woodruff

All current or former students of Rick Worth at TSKW!
Attention!…TSKW Painting Boot Camp is a show and sale of work by current and past students of Rick Worth.  The exhibition will include acrylic works painted by students in or out of class, and will showcase the extraordinary talent Worth has nurtured in his students.

The exhibition will be in the Main Hall of the Armory, and the public is invited to a reception during the June 21 Walk on White from 6-9 pm.
Exhibition sponsored by Truman and Co and Key West Bed and Breakfast

The Studios of Key West