Artist Talk: Victoria Reynolds and Jeffrey Vallance

Jeffrey Vallance and Victoria Reynolds, two of the current Artists in Residence at TSKW, will present an artist talk Monday, July 29th at 6pm.

Vallance and Reynolds are a married couple from Los Angeles who briefly introduced their work to some friends of the Studios at a small gathering. A flurry of questions followed, and the couple agreed to present a more in-depth talk about their work. Their unique work has drawn a great deal of attention and now they will jointly present a closer look at what they do…and why.

Vallance is a contemporary artist who teaches at Cal Arts. He has worked on a dizzying array of projects, from hosting an experimental MTV show in the early 1980′s, to creating a Richard Nixon Museum, to curating for the Liberace Museum in Vegas. Best known for projects that blur the lines between object-making, installation, performance, curation and anthropological study, Vallance’s work has long challenged critics to define the artist’s unique multidisciplinary cross-pollination.

Vallance has also appeared on NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman to discuss what was then his best-known project, Blinky the Friendly Hen, in which he purchased a frozen chicken from a grocery store and buried it at a Los Angeles pet cemetery,

Vallance is the leading force in a distinct version of Intervention Art called Infiltration Art. He creates art by interacting with real-world institutions, communities, politicians, religions, museums and pop-culture figures, tampering within bureaucratic structures to create change without creating conflict. His first public infiltration took place in 1977, when, dressed as a janitor, he sneaked into the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and exchanged the gallery wall-socket plates with his own hand-painted version.

Artist Victoria Reynolds’ paintings of raw flesh, often set in ornate, rococo- or baroque-style frames, are unabashedly sumptuous and sensual (other media include digital imagery, drawing, sculpture, and music). Her work refers to the Venetian art of painting flesh, Dutch vanitas, kitchen and butcher stall scenes, divine sacrifice, and society’s use and sacrifice of animals.

Victoria Reynolds exhibits her work internationally, and her work is represented in numerous collections.

Vallance and Reynolds will present their work, then accept questions from the audience.

The Studios of Key West