Artist Studio Tours 2018

Sponsored by We*Cycle Bicycle

Spend the afternoon peeking into the work spaces of some of the most fascinating artists in Key West. Visit the homes and studios of painters, printmakers, curators, writers, designers and photographers.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at any of the stops during the tour.

Ticket Price:

$25/$20 mbrs

Tour Times:

11AM – 3PM


We recommend starting the tour at Stop #1 – The Ashe Street Residency Cottages at 607 Ashe Street.

STOP 1: 607 & 609 ASHE STREET

The Studios’ Artist Residency Cottages


In 2012, these charming Conch cottages were carefully renovated under the direction of local architect and artist Guillermo Orozco. Since then, the cottages, with live/workspaces that can accommodate up to four artists at a time, have been home to nearly 250 artist from around the globe.

We invite you to tour the cottages and garden, and enjoy the work of the following artists and writers who are in residence during the tour:

Richard Cleaver – Artist / Baltimore, MD

George Ciscle – Curator and Educator / Baltimore, MD

Jean Pederson – Artist / Alberta, Canada

Leigh Gallagher – Fiction Writer and Teacher/ Detroit, MI




“The Turtle House” – Home of artist Susan Sugar


Susan Sugar paints the tumultuous, moody, dawn skies most people never appreciate or see. 

For the past 14 years she has focused on the sea and sky off the coast of Key West, capturing moments and the poetry of place. With a background in dance and architecture, she interprets life in terms of rhythm, space, and light, recreating what she sees with her brush.

In 1976, Yale-educated architect Manfred Ibel bought the 500 square-foot “Turtle House” from the former owner, a man named Mr. Turtle.  Over many years, with the help of his soon-to-be wife Susan Sugar, the property was renovated and developed, eventually expanding into an adjoining “twin” property that went on the market in 1986. A lush garden full of fruit trees and native flowers became the centerpiece of the home.



STOP 3: 1128 Johnson Street


Tracey Holst – Fashion Designer, “Sankofa”

Holst’s style reflects her proud Caribbean heritage and the Key West Island style that she has embraced over the many years that she has lived on our Island Paradise. The beautiful and ageless collection is made in Key West of sustainably sourced cottons, linens and silks.

Alex Holst – Photographer, welder, instructor.


STOP 4: 1423 Von Phister

David Schofield – Artist

David Schofield has been drawing for the better part of 40 years. His first subjects were private homes and churches in the Chicago suburb where he grew up, and were an early indication of his strong interest in architecture and built structures. He had his first solo show in Key West in 1979 where he had established his studio and where he has lived and drawn ever since. His first New York City show followed 4 years later in 1983. David’s earliest large-scale work was of Manhattan cityscapes: entire blocks of classic (and often decaying) brownstones and elaborate cast-iron facades.

The Studios of Key West