Artist in Residence Mark Rumsey Creates Armory Installation

Cloud Key, 2011

Mark Rumsey was the February 2011 Artist-in-Residence at TSKW. During his residency Mark produced Cloud Key in the entryway of the Armory, the piece is constructed of folded vellum paper. Rumsey is a Michigan based installation artist working in prints, paper, cloth, space, and light. His has exhibited recently in Huntsville, TX; Portland, OR; Indianapolis, IN; Evanston, IL; Tulsa, OK; Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA; and Montreal, Quebec. Rumsey has been a featured artist on and Rumsey has participated in residency programs in India, Turkey, and Belgium and will be in residence at Rondo Studios in Graz, Austria in 2011.

Cloud Key presents a matrix, a filter for light to play through and on, an opportunity to experience an environment, to study the relationship between light and form, between space and viewer. The viewer is required to be active, to participate with the space, to discover the continuously unfolding patterns and rhythms. Cloud Key presents an imagined micro view of the cloud structure, crystalline droplets being played upon by light, translated into a macro scale. The light plays with the natural opacity of the vellum paper from which the droplets are constructed, creating layers of visual relationships. The experience is a condensed and structured mimicry of natural phenomena, akin to watching the wind sweep across a field of wheat or laying on the ground staring up through a canopy of trees.

Photos courtesy Michael Blades

The Studios of Key West