PlantBot Art Talk

PlantBot Incubators, Refashioned commercial products, off grid pushbutton interactive research during I-Park Residency, East Haddam, Connecticut. 2012

Location: 533 Eaton Street

This Art talk will begin at 6pm

This event is free and open to the public

The collaborative team of Wendy DesChene (Canada) + Jeff Schmuki (USA) form PlantBot Genetics and link the environmental and social costs of bioengineered crops to a diverse array of creative operations and tactics. PlantBot Genetics parodies and satirically comments on the aggressive and misleading practices commonly employed by the biotech sector. Wendy and Jeff are artists in residence at The Studios of Key West during the month of May.

We can only guess what will happen to the world’s food supply after subsequent generations of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other transgenic modifications are inserted into food crops. In answer to this, PlantBot Genetics Inc. grafts plants onto remote controlled robotic bases to become organisms with no clear heritage and no clear future.

Our goal is to motivate the public to question current environmental systems while offering sustainable alternatives to industrial food and energy production. Those visiting our exhibitions, lectures, and workshops hopefully come away empowered and think differently about the natural environment.

Read a full interview with the artists at 365artists365days.com

Wendy and Jeff are part of this season’s Artists in Residence program at  The Studios for the month of May. They will be at the Ashe street cottages during Walk on White, Thursday May 21, to talk more about their work.

The Studios of Key West