"First Thursday"


Abstract red background with multi color scribble lines


Amanda Church, Paula De Luccia, Beth Kaminstein, Leslie Parke & Lauren Olitski

Sanger Gallery 

With works ranging from pop-inflected paintings to postmodern ceramics, these five artists all straddle the threshold of abstraction. They also share a common history, with a connection to Bennington College in the 60’s and 70’s, and currently with the national art scene.

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Artwork woman underwater colors muted to white


Kyla Piscopink

Zabar Project Gallery 

The dancers in Piscopink’s stunning photographs inhabit an ethereal underwater dream world, offering both an escape from the day to day, and a deep connection to nature, the human form, imagination, and profound spiritual forces.

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Artwork of a women looking at you with white circles of lungs exposed


Sally Binard

XOJ Gallery 

Sally Binard’s portraits combine painting with ceramic and mixed media to comment on the tension between one’s identity in the eyes of others, and the one we choose ourselves. Intensely personal, the pieces touch on Binard’s racial and cultural history.

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supported by Anne McKee Artists Fund

Artwork Abstract green pink white and black


Katlin Spain

Zabar Lobby Gallery 

Katlin Spain pieces shapes of color together into large scale oil paintings influenced by her time spent in Key West. Bushes of bright flowers overflow from fenced yards, ripe fruit dangles from stems, and palms and poincianas overlap each other, covering the view above with different shades of green and vermillion.

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Artistic partners & families, with pasts and presents that intertwine. The five female artists exhibiting in the Sanger had connections to Bennington College in the ‘60s and ‘70s but also, more recently, to the Florida Keys. Lauren Olitski’s father, the renowned color-field painter Jules Olitski, moved to Islamorada in the late 1970s, where he lived and worked until his death in 2007. Paula De Luccia, and her husband, painter Larry Poons, lived and painted in Islamorada for 20 years, up until the 1990s. Leslie Parke’s brother also lived in Islamorada, and Amanda Church over the years has regularly visited Beth Kaminstein.


Friends new and old are invited to join us for each month’s First Thursday Open House event, when we keep our lights on late and throw our doors open to celebrate the newest work in our galleries. Stop in to say hello, relax with a glass of wine, tour the third floor artist studios and see the just-installed exhibitions in the Sanger, XOJ, Zabar Project and Zabar Lobby Galleries. Books & Books is the next stop, where you can browse the latest titles and catch up with old friends.

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