Announcing Kids and Teen Winners of Poetry Contest

The Studios of Key West is pleased to announce the 2014 winners of the Robert Frost Poetry Contest for Children and Teens. Merit awards, certificates, and prizes will be awarded, and participants with winning entries will be publicly recognized at a special ceremony on Saturday, May 24 at 3 pm at The Studios of Key West.

Through funds established by the Jeane and Jessie Porter Fund at the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys, TSKW is proud to administer a special component of this contest. Jeane Porter was especially committed to encouraging young writers, and supported the Poetry in Schools contest in Monroe County.


[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]THE WINNERS
Contest for Teens (ages 13-18)

First Place Teen: Abigail Lupi ($75 prize)
Broken Record (long poem, click left to read)

2nd Place Teen: Andrew Karch ($50 prize)

Mike Strank
A marine’s marine
Born of Slovak tongue
Was a leader to the young.

Rene Gagnon
A handsome young lad
Fought in the war
Because he was mad.

Ira Hayes
Shy but strong
Brought honor to his people
By using the sun.

Harlon Block
A Christian boy
Used medicine
In the Great War.

Franklin Sousley
Optimistic and determined
Brought joy to the world
In World War II

John Bradley
Know as Doc
Played a major role
In the war’s ticking clock.

All six men brought together
By one common goal
To win the war
And beat the foe.

These six men, full of pride
Shouldn’t have died
Or made their momma’s cry.

We stare at heaven’s scenes
We will ever see
The gates of heaven
Guarded by those six marines.

A poem in remembrance, memorial and respect for the six men who raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Mike Strank, Rene Gagnon, Ira Hayes, Harlon Black, Franklin Sousley, and John Bradley. “Iwo Jima’s 6″

3rd Place Teen: Giselle Corrales ($25 Cash Prize)
That Girl in the Photo

That girl in the photo
Who wears a smile on her face
With twinkles in her eyes and a smile that glows,
You have no idea.

You have no idea how she once struggled in finding herself
And fighting for her many dreams

That girl in the photo
Who once thought that her body was fat
And wasn’t enough for society.

That girl in the photo
Who once hated herself
Because she wasn’t perfect
In any aspect.

That girl in the photo
Who once had best friends who she loved
But lost when they left her.

That girl in the photo
You have no idea how much she cried
And wanted to end her precious life.

That girl in the photo
Little did you now
She had so many family problems.

That girl in the photo
Who grew out of it one day
When she started to learn to love herself
For who she was.

And now…
It is your turn….

Honorable Mention Teen: Maria Ortueta
No Worries

Lying on the grass
Night has fallen.
Looking up at the dark starry sky
I get lost up there.
Time disappears
Everything melts away
And for a moment
I don’t have to worry.

Honorable Mention Teen: Ben Yacus
The Animal Totem

I am the wolf
with cunninig
with strength
with silence
with love
to feed my soul
with anger
with hunger
with need
to tear me apart
from the inside out
it is the animal inside
that is what is fighting in me
I want out
I am the wolf

Honorable Mention Teen: Connor Schaffer
The Whisper

The waves whisper to me
calling me to the soft sand.
The water sweeps over my bare feet.
Water surrounds me where I stand.
The tranquil water disturbed only by
the pod of dolphin playing in the water
underneath the stunning blue sky
with not a cloud
as far as the eye can see.

[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]THE WINNERS:
Contest for Kids (ages 6-12)

1st Place Kids: Angelo Kapiris ($75 Cash Prize)
We All Have a Story

We all have a story, or our life
It’s our story, embrace it.
Your story counts, it’s your story
It is not the same, every chapter is a year of your life.
Now you can see it’s your story.
Tell it loud, tell it soft. It is yours.
You can keep it in or let it out.
Scream it to the heavens, or tell a crowd.
Let it out…it’s ours.
Do what you want with it.
Well I know that I can see it all.
It’s real, it’s yours, it’s ours.
It’s out the door.
I know that if I am a boy the sky is the limit.
If I am a girl, the sky’s the limit.
You and I have a limit but we can go past it.

2nd Place Kids: Marsella Munoz ($50 Cash Prize)

That’s the sound of a bat and ball making a connection,
All the dust flying behind me as I make the run
The wind in my hair
The dust in my shoes
And that is that
Smack! Boom!
Another hit while the crowd goes wild

3rd Place Kids: Shania Duarte-Vera ($25 Cash Prize)
Eternal Night

For mornings when I can’t see you
Spicy mint tea…

For brunch a marmalade muffin.
A touch of bitter fits my mood.

A sigh is a stardust
It’s like our own Milky Way.

I can’t catch up to your distant back.
Look! Twilight creeps on us.

The distance to you
Is like an eternal night…

Honorable Mention Kids: Christina

He calls it proud
He paints.
Lines and swiggles,
Zigzags and curves,
White and yellow,
Orange and red,
Pink and purple,
Blue and green,
He calls it proud.

Honorable Mention Kids: Caleb Beeman

your smile.
your eyes.
your lips.
your hair.
your voice.
your laugh
your hands.
your smirk
your teasing.
your humor.
your weird faces.
the way you walk.
the way you say my name.
the way you look.
the way you talk.
your singing.
your dance.
your body.


Honorable Mention Kids: Jackson Bernhard

Pals are my boys.
All boys are my pals.
Love my pals.
See my pals do what pals do.


TSKW would like to thank the judges for this year’s contest:

Janelle Barrera taught in the Key West Public Schools and now tutors students. She has published poetry in magazines/journals but her interest now lies in seeing that children are given an opportunity to discover the creative genius within, whether it be through writing or some other genre.

Donna Weinstock was a first-grade teacher for 27 years in Chicago, California, and Gainesville, and Key West.

The Studios of Key West