Alosúgbe: A Journey Across Time, Onajide Shabaka

Miami based artist Onajide Shabaka explores ethnobotany, geology and archaeology as they relate to human history, society and culture. Through a combination of abstract, calligraphic works on paper, documentary photographs, sculpture and found objects, Alosúgbe traces Shabaka’s own family history along with the migrations of people and plants from the rice plantations of the Atlantic colonial slave era to 20th century Florida.

Dollars and Dancers: Behind the Velvet Curtain, Donna Nadeau

From drab backrooms to glittering, mirrored stages, Nadeau’s exquisite watercolor paintings document the strip bars and “gentleman’s” clubs in which she worked for decades. With an insider’s eye, she unpacks the power structures, interpersonal dynamics and financial underpinnings of this little understood world.

Stillness, Josefiná Cavaliná

A new focus, a new body of work, and a new name. New York artist Josefiná Cavaliná presents still life oil paintings featuring ceramics, fruits and vegetables.

EDDIES, Jim Racchi

An island mainstay and one of the driving forces behind the dearly missed Sculpture Key West exhibitions, Jim Racchi studied classical stone carving in Florence before settling in the Keys. His welded creations echo that training in their strong lines and impulsive flow. Racchi’s latest work is a series of polychrome welded steel sculptures that illustrate the flow of an eddy—a circular current defined by its movement.

Coastlines, Cristiane Mohallem, Isabelle Hayeur, Dimitra Skandali

A trio of internationally recognized artists – and former Studios’ Artists in Residence – reflect on the delicate balance of flora, fauna and humanity that share the space where ocean meets land. Mohallem’s yarn drawings of mangrove trees are obsessive metaphors for nature’s connectedness; Hayeur’s large format photos offer split screen images of life over and under water; and Skandali invents maps of underwater spaces and repurposes found beach elements, forming installations of unsettled and endangered beauty.

Atmospheric Conditions, Lynne Bentley-Kemp

As a daily practice, Lynne Bentley-Kemp captures the water and sky surrounding her home each morning. Here she presents a carefully curated selection of the thousands of images she’s collected as a photographic installation that forms its own atmosphere.

Inner Voice, Jean Pederson

Pederson’s masterful watercolor and mixed media (oil stick and cold wax) portraits depict people who have impacted her path—either for a moment or a lifetime, and from all walks of life.

Anne McKee Artists Fund

The Studios is proud to host the annual Anne McKee Auction now celebrating its 25th year. Join aficionados for one of the most popular art events of the year. Proceeds fund the vital grant program exclusively benefitting Keys artists.

Living Traditions: The School of Mario Sanchez

With his distinctive paintings of old Key West scenes, folk artist Mario Sanchez passed down a tradition that lives on today. Feat. Wayne Garcia, Danny Roberts, Danny Soldano, Andy Thurber.

Legalized Love: LGBT Parents & Their Children, David Genest

David Genest’s recent monotonal works are group portraits – rendered in acrylic, ink, charcoal and photo transfer – depicting human moments in the domestic lives of contemporary American LGBT families.

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