Floral Feast, Katlin Spain

Katlin Spain pieces shapes of color together into large scale oil paintings influenced by her time spent in Key West. Bushes of bright flowers overflow from fenced yards, ripe fruit dangles from stems, and palms and poincianas overlap each other, covering the view above with different shades of green and vermillion.

April 2021 Exhibitions

Four exhibitions fill our galleries this month. Visit us in person, Tue-Sat, 12-4pm, or view the galleries online.

Evolution, Olga Manosalvas

Olga Manosalvas is known for her colorful paintings and sculptures which depict island dwellers, Mardi Gras revelers and voodoo queens with a distinct voice of the tropics. Her latest works explore a more monochromatic plane, capturing her figures in tones and highlighting sections of skin pigments and fabrics for added emphasis. These new color shifts provide a fresh vantage point to question the everyday.

2 by 2, Scott Ponemone

Former Artist in Residence, Scott Ponemone began his current watercolor project, the “2 by 2” series, in 2017 as a way to focus on human interactions. Each painting presents the unique dynamic between two persons at the moment when Ponemone (the artist and a stranger) greets them and asks them to be models for his art. The subjects could be couples, friends, relatives or co-workers — anything that establishes a dynamic between the pair.

Pisces, Kyla Piscopink

The dancers in Piscopink’s stunning photographs inhabit an ethereal underwater dream world, offering both an escape from the day to day, and a deep connection to nature, the human form, imagination, and profound spiritual forces.

May 2021 Exhibitions

Three exhibitions fill our galleries this month. Visit us in person, Tue-Sat, 12-4pm, or view the galleries online.

Wild Observations: New Works, Deborah Mitchell

Wild Observations explores change in wildlife corridors, combining scientific research with artistic interpretation. The paintings, installations and photo-based works featured recount ecological and cultural studies of observations occurring in our wild places. These color drenched works include mammals, birds, botany and landscapes, some layered with correlated scientific data.

Kristyn LaMoia

Artist Kristyn LaMoia sees the world from all sides. Her inaugural Key West exhibition explores how the space we see, what we experience, is informed by our subconscious. By delving into, what she terms as, “the absurd beings of our subconscious mind”, LaMoia invites viewers to experience a surreal inner world replete with fantastic, sometimes funny inhabitants. The clean, delicate style of her work balances her perceptions of a sprawling otherworldliness.

Recent Works, Letty Nowak

The past year has pulled Nowak’s attention in a hundred different directions—a new gallery and a new baby, for starters. As always though, her painting practice has been a constant. With her latest endeavor JAG Gallery off the ground, which Keys Weekly describes as being “like a super cool younger sibling who somehow has clout and cred way beyond her years”, Nowak is ready to once again share her own incredible work with the community.

Mango Madness Members’ Exhibition

The mango is not only a fruit best savored under a tropical sun—it’s also a metaphor for the annual bounty of our island, meant to be shared with friends and neighbors. As such it’s the perfect symbol for our summer members’ exhibition, where everyone in our artistic family is invited to submit work. The results never fail to nourish the soul.

The Studios of Key West