#2 Tree Restoration Project, Jon McIntosh

On view to the public is a restoration project of a large-scale wooden sculpture by the beloved community member, Jon “Tosh” McIntosh. Working on a mostly volunteer basis, local sculptor Craig Gray will restore the palm-tree pencil sculpture, and plans to bring it back to its original glory over the next few months. The Studios of Key West is pleased to host the first stage of the sculpture’s restoration this summer, allowing the public an opportunity to see a part of the process.

Summer Solstice Student Show

In mid-June, a group of watercolor enthusiasts met each night at the beach, just before sunset, with paints, brushes and open imaginations. A selection of student watercolors will be shown alongside one of instructor Susan Sugar’s own in the Sanger Gallery.

Master Slacker, Jack McDonald and Wonderdog Productions

Jack McDonald uses spray paint, stencil stylings, and acrylic brush work to create off-the-wall immersive paintings. With graffiti-inspired concepts, the imagery consists of colorful backgrounds, humorous characters, and strange overlaying text. This exhibition is a culmination of 12 years of creative hard work. The WonderDog crew joins in the fun, utilizing the open space in the gallery as a Fantasy Fest workshop, where glitter, tulle feathers, glue, you name it are transformed into costumes and props.

Outside the Lines, Winter Members’ Exhibition

A simple line can speak volumes, but this year, it’s the wild, unknown space outside the lines we’re eager to explore. As we burst through the ceiling onto our rooftop terrace, our thoughts can’t help but turn to new possibilities and limitless horizons. For the members’ show, we invite artists to step outside the lines – experiment with a new color palette or medium, create a canvas out of something unconventional, deliver a fresh take on a familiar form – and find inspiration in the unexpected.

The Studios of Key West