January 2021 Exhibitions

JANUARY EXHIBITIONS AT THE STUDIOS ON VIEW JAN 7-28, 2021 A NOVEL IDEA Christine Fifer Sanger Gallery  Christine Fifer’s paintings and sculptures revolve around books – their history & their contents – all woven together with puns, puzzles, and didactic intent to both amuse and encourage conversation, prompting extended investigation. Fifer’s sculptures utilize actual books [...]

A Novel Idea, Christine Fifer

Christine Fifer’s paintings and sculptures revolve around books – their history & their contents – all woven together with puns, puzzles, and didactic intent to both amuse and encourage conversation. Still life paintings of precariously stacked first editions are simultaneously realistic and surreal, prompting extended investigation. Leaping from the canvas, Fifer’s sculptures utilize actual books suffering from wear or neglect that have been repurposed to create playful and thoughtful sculptures in search of their own Renaissance.

None of the Above, Sally Binard

Binard’s portraits combine painting with ceramic and mixed media to comment on the tension between one’s identity in the eyes of others, and the one we choose ourselves. Intensely personal, the pieces touch on Binard’s racial and cultural history.

Color Cuts, Cynthia Back

Over the course of the past year, while back at home in Pennsylvania, images of crystalline waters and twisted mangroves have stubbornly pushed through former Artist in Residence Cynthia Back’s work. Now, Cynthia Back returns to Key West with a series of reduction woodcuts and collages based on the plants and homes she discovered during her month on the island.

Creatures of the Deep, Dave Dunn

Dave Dunn is known for his ability to turn anything that lands at his feet or fingertips— bike chains, tools, bolts, steel plates—into primordial creatures. His latest series has him repurposing hard metal castoffs into imaginative representations of the beings and beasts who rule the ocean depths.

Island Musings, Jill Caldwell

Caldwell’s mixed media paintings capture the exuberance of an island bursting with color: the endless shades of foliage, the magnificent variety of flowers, the aqua-teal-turquoise water, and the billowing sunsets shifting from peach-pink to the blue-purple-indigo of nightfall.

Beloved, Bedazzled, Bejeweled, Maxine Makover and Michael Philip

Necklace designer Maxine Makover and photographer Michael Philip explore and amplify the many stories jewelry tells. Makover taps into this potential with her creative wearable art, while Philip’s classical contemporary photographic element captures the life themes—joy, loss, sensuality—portrayed by the wearer.

Anne McKee Artists’ Fund –  26th Fine Art Auction

In advance of the popular annual auction, The Studios presents a preview of the works that will be available for bidding on February 17. With almost a quarter century of “artists helping artists” behind them, The Studios is proud to host the annual Anne McKee auction, where aficionados bid on contemporary and classic works to raise proceeds which help fund the vital grant program for Keys artists.

Esterio Segura

One of Cuba’s leading figures since bursting onto the scene as a young sculptor in the early 1990s, Esterio Segura is an artist and community organizer of volcanic talent and seismic impact, known for his sharp critiques of Cuban politics and society. Among many international commissions is his installation at Tampa International Airport of a flotilla of cherry red airplanes, with hearts for fuselages, symbolizing the Cuban diaspora that began with the Peter Pan children airlifted to the US in the early 1960s.

A Love of Images, Jeane LaRance

Photographer and media artist Jeane LaRance shares her work in a special exhibition benefitting The Studios’ scholarship program. LaRance presents a breadth of images–of her beloved Haiti, her adopted hometown of Key West and of Indigenous populations in the American West–captured and rendered with devoted attention.

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