AIR Alums Launch Exciting New Projects

We’re proud of the achievements of our Artist-in-Residence alums, and want to pass on the good news!

Liz Murphy Thomas (AIR April 2011), Vivian Pratt (AIR Dec 2010), and Brad Erickson (AIR October 2010) recently wrote to us to let us know that creative projects they began while in Key West have yielded some very exciting news!

Liz says….

My time in Key West at TSKW was so rewarding. I was welcomed into the Key West art community immediately and I really enjoyed my experiences at the studio including the positive response to my artist talk, the spirited group who signed up for my workshop and the wonderful reception of my photographs at Walk on White. I also had an opportunity to be very productive while I was there. As a photographer who works with issues of tourism, Key West was rife with subjects to photograph. I shot just under 3,000 images while I was there!
Probably the most exciting thing about my time there however is that my photo series, The Land of Sunshine, has been accepted for publication with Stella Luca Press. Stella Luca Press, located in Key West and Jackson, NH, is a new literary publishing company founded by Maureen Tracy Venti that specializes in Art Books and Poetography, the visual art of combining images with poetic lines. This project will keep me busy for the next few months but luckily that means I will be returning to Key West this summer!
I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people I have met at TSKW and Key West. I feel as though I really achieved something meaningful in my time there. It was such a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic and friendly people and I even left with some news ideas for artwork down the road. Who knows, maybe someday I can return to try them out!

Vivian says…

My exhibit at a Gallery in Boston opens tomorrow and I had to email all of you to thank you – you all made this show happen!   Here’s my story.

When I was in Key West several people told me I should go to the cemetery.  When I was there I became obsessed with the play of the decaying flowers against the monuments and took about 180 pictures in one day. (That day was an incredible high!)  After taking them, I became concerned that I might be stepping on Michael Philip’s toes.  I had seen a couple of Michael’s photos in Maureen’s studio and knew he had done something similar.  When I got home and was thinking of using my images for a show, I contacted Michael and Maureen with my concerns and they gave me their blessings.

At my opening in Key West, Michel Appellis offered to work with me to experiment with hanging my work away from the wall and he taught me how to play with the lighting to get focused shadows behind the transparent works.

When I printed the cemetery images on transparent film and hung them several inches from the wall, they were transformed into something magical.  I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep that night!!

The announcement is below, but be sure to check out my web site .  These images are under Gallery / 2D / 2011.  I wish you could see the actual show, the photos don’t do it justice.

Brad says….

“Hey TSKW!  Just wanted to let you all know that Milagro will have its first public staged reading TONIGHT (March25)  at the Throckmorton Theater in Marin County, just north of SF.  Thanks again to TSKW and each of you for all your support!”

About the play:  A Midsummer Nights’ Dream meets The Night of the Iguana!  Three America couples — one straight, one lesbian, one gay — in a rustic resort of Mexico’s Pacific coast.  A paradisiacal setting where milagros — miracles — happen.  Get ready for a miraculous, romantic, comic ride!

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