Aaron Sagers is a Storyteller. Throughout his career, he has made it a mission to become a cross-platform content creator. He is a TV & on-camera host, producer, journalist, author and social media pro. He currently appears as a Journalist pundit on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Caught on Camera. Previously, he was a host, producer, and Editor At Large for Syfy; a host for Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Happy Hour; and a pop-culture expert for SKY TV’s Best of Sci-Fi movies program. He has been on The Today Show, was Host/Co-Executive Producer on the Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi (where he remains a Travel Expert) and hosted a Being Human after-show for Syfy. Sagers appeared as the host TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown Evidence Revealed. He worked with HBO as a Game of Thrones expert for morning shows across the nation and filmed a Travels With Dracula travel show in Transylvania (with Bram Stoker’s direct descendant) — which led to him returning to Romania for his Vlad vs. Vlad segments with Luke Evans to support Universal Home Entertainment’s Dracula Untold. He joined TruTV’s Super Into with Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad, and you have seen him turned into a The Walking Dead Walker by effects guru Greg Nicotero. Sagers also hosted on-camera Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club reunions for Universal Home Entertainment, as well as hosted panels and Facebook Lives for Child’s Play/Cult of Chucky premiere events.