Hi Fi Lomo (Creative Photography) with Mark Hedden

Lomography is the fine art of shooting pictures with the cheap Russian and Chinese cameras – brands like Diana, Holga, and Lomo. It came about in the 1970s as an attempt to make photography less about expensive equipment and technical fidelity, and more about composition, impulse, and experimentation. Soon it became it’s own school of photography, one that revels in blurs, light leaks, flares, vignettes, and other irregularities. In recent years Holga lenses and Diana lenses have become available for digital camera bodies, and this class will focus on how to use them and embrace their oddities. We would also discuss how to process such images in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Requirement: Canon, Nikon, some Pentax, some Sony, some Olympus DSLRs.

Supply list coming soon.

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$100/80 mbrs

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Sat & Sun


533 Eaton Street


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