Renovation work continues at 533 Eaton Street! Below are a few photos snapped by photographer Rodger Stuart Davis on his last visit on December 8.

TSKW 12-06-14  011

533 Eaton’s storefront will be transformed into a temporary gallery space.

TSKW 12-06-14  012

Choreographing the many facets of renovation work is a challenge!

TSKW 12-06-14  048

Studio artists visit next week to get a sneak peek at their future work spaces.

TSKW 12-06-14  027

New ductwork looking cool and to keep us cool!

TSKW 12-06-14  024

Beautiful light shines into the main hall lobby on the second floor.

TSKW 12-06-14  045

Exhibition walls on the third floor going up.

TSKW 12-06-14  052

New vertical structural beams in place to support the future rooftop garden.

The Studios of Key West