In the Mix 2014 Works by the Students of Roberta Marks

Space 2 Gallery

Equally impressive as an artist and teacher, Marks inspires and challenges the artists she mentors to determine their personal philosophies while perfecting their craft. Abstract works representing 10 weeks of dedication by her 2014 class are on view.

About Roberta Marks:

Marks challenges her students to look inside themselves to define their own philosophy of art and to be as proficient in the written word as well as the painted word. In the end though she instills, it is not about platitudes and introspection, it is about producing artwork to enrich our world.  Her very specific weekly assignments help students achieve this end. She is an intense and focused teacher and as a Buddhist, she encourages students to get rid of excess in their work and look for simplicity.

The 2014 Students:

Carol Christine, Cindy Essenberg, David Genest, Jane Gilbert, Janet Hinkle, Jerome Howard, Rita Linder, Karen Luknis, Lucy Paige, Judy Schuhlein, Deborah Ann Snelgrove, Anne Sullivan, Kathy Walters, Marta White and Judith Zabar.

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