Autumn Residencies in Old Town

As the season builds, The Studios of Key West is proud to be hosting a small crowd of artists and cultural managers from around the world, all of whom will spend time exploring our island, community, and sense of place. Thanks to a growing number of season sponsors, and support from Heritage House, Key West Hideaways, and other local businesses, The Studios of Key West has been able to grow its residency program and forge exciting new partnerships for the island.

Freeman White and Adam Russell
New Zealand painter, Freeman White, and Ohio artist, Adam Russell, will spend the month of November at TSKW, getting connected to the tropical vibe, finding inspiration, and creating new work while here. Visit their websites to learn more about their work

Freeman White

Adam Russell

Claudia Costanzo
Spanish cultural manager Claudia Costanzo comes to Key West for two weeks, thanks to funding from the Madrid government. Her mission is to explore American residency and exchange programs, and research possible partnerships for her emerging organization, No Door Artist Communities. Here’s how she describes her plan for Mile Marker Zero:

I have been involved with U.S.-Spanish cultural exchanges for 35 years. After five years of cultural programming for the Spanish Institute of New York, I moved to Madrid and worked for the Fulbright Program for twenty years before setting up my NO DOOR ARTIST COMMUNITIES consultancy. Since October 2007 I have been dedicated primarily to promoting the international presence of Madrid-based artists and their dialogue with international artists working in Madrid.

During the fall of 2008 and thanks to a research award from the Madrid City Government, I was able to visit and interview over 30 directors of U.S. artist communities, foundations and other cultural organizations involved in facilitating the participation of International artists in their programs. Thanks to renewed city financing, I will be returning to the U.S. this fall to further explore possible linkages between U.S. and Spanish cultural organizations.
At The Studios in Key West, I look forward to living in close contact with the artists-in-residence that will be working during my stay and to being closely involved with the organization’s day-to-day activities, programming, planning strategies and fundraising goals. As a cultural manager based abroad, I hope to gain a greater appreciation of U.S. realities and challenges that should be kept in mind when building partnerships and drafting cooperative agreements with Spain-based organizations.

Hundreds of contemporary art centers and museums have been built in Spain over the last ten years and numerous production centers and residency programs are in the making. NO DOOR hopes to bring greater worldwide awareness of that new burst of activity and to promote international exchanges within that reality. By 2011, Spanish artists and former TSKW artists-in-residence will hopefully be amongst the first participants in NO DOOR ARTS EXCHANGES. Hasta la vista!”

Mitch Loch and Taylor Van Horne
Arriving on November 5, Mitch Loch and Taylor Van Horne will spend three days in Key West at the invitation of TSKW. Founders of Sacatar Foundation in Bahia, Brazil, they have played a major role in expanding the idea of artist residencies and global exchanges in Latin America. Their short stay will include opportunities to connect with Key West’s creative community, and investigate future exchages and cross-continental programming. For details about Sacatar, and the impressive campus they’ve been building on the island of Itaparica, visit their website

Sacatar Foundation

Susan Chaires
Another short-term resident, Susan Chaires, is a specialist in intellectual property law. She will be with us the week after Fantasy Fest, and is offering a presentation for local artists on licensing and intellectual property issues. Her Washington DC practice also focuses on business transactions and internet law. She has had many years of experience in representing artists, writers, filmmakers and small businesses both in the U.S. and internationally. Chaires has represented numerous clients in licensing agreements, including licensing of the Three Servicemen statue (Vietnam Veterans Memorial), the National Japanese-American Memorial, and art works identifying a major museum exhibition. We’re honored to include this professional development opportunity as part of our brown Bag Lunchtime Series, in partnership with the Monroe County Council for the Arts, for our local creative community.

Nellie Appleby
Virginia artist, Nellie Appleby, arrives in mid-November, and will begin work on a new project, Biophilia. Combining an investigation of local flora and horticulture with swimming, here’s how she describes her approach.

The term ‘biophilia’ was coined by professor and conservationist E.O Wilson and essentially refers to ‘the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms.’ As I continue my explorations of flora—a thread throughout my recent work—I feel a love, an emotional pull from plants. This one lures me over with its feathery leaves; another makes me laugh, having just cracked a silent joke, with its green and yellow spots.

This love affair with plant life leads me to talk to other folks about their relationships with plants. Over tea or walks in the gardens, up in trees, among sea grasses, or whatever suits the occasion, I will try to tease out of people how they FEEL about the plants around them. In Key West, conversations will be recorded with audio, video and or photos, and allowed to take form as the project grows. The Biophilia Project will ask the island’s residents and visitors to reflect on the plant kingdom they live among, and express their relationship to it.

And then part two: the clear waters beckon. After researching with some local experts on the matter, I will be swimming to the mangroves and nearby hammocks. Using an underwater video camera, I will record the swim, above and below the water, and focus on the unique environment. Along the way, I will also engage folks in boats, on the beach, free diving, relaxing on remote isles. They will be asked to perform with me various moves from a synchronized swimming routine, which will pieced together in post-production. The completed work will become a short looping video for presentation at TSKW. Join me in November, when I launch this project at Mile Marker 0.

Visit her website to learn more about her work here

Nellie Appleby

So as the workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and public offerings grow, so will the residency program at The Studios of Key West. And as it does, we’ll continue to connect our extraordinary guests with the cultural producers and creative people who make our community so unique.

The Studios of Key West