Slide Show by Mark Hedden and Marky Pierson

Door: 7:30 Event: 8-9pm

SLIDESHOW is a reinvention of a retrograde paradigm, an idiomatic melding of the narrative and the visual into a dynamic whole. But really it’s stories told in a dark room in front of a live audience, illustrated with pictures.

Images from March 21 Walk on White

Images from the opening reception for Avis Collins Robinson's Color and Cloth exhibition from Spring 2013.


Images from March Spring Break Art Camp

A few of the kids from our Spring Break art camp at the Douglass Center in Bahama Village. Thanks to studio artist Maggie Ruley for leading the charge, and to artist/board member Deborah Goldman for pitching in.

Images from March 1 Classical Concert and Gala

"Last year in March The Studios of Key West brought to town three Viennese musicians for a concert that was music of the highest quality I've ever heard hear. This year they did it again." - Harry Schroeder, Solares Hill, March 10, 2013

Images from January 16 Patron Preview

The Annual TSKW Patron event was especially wonderful this year as those in attendance had the great pleasure of meeting the artist and getting a sneak peek of The Sinking World of Andreas Franke: The Vandenberg Project, before it went on view for the public the next evening.

Images from the January 11 Vicki Roush Concert

Thanks to Vicki Roush and Larry Baeder for their amazing performance at this sold out show!

TSKW Sculpture and Nature Garden

The Sculpture and Nature Garden at TSKW is dedicated to native Key West and Caribbean plant life, and was planted with the intention of restoring to the island some of the Keys’ most unique plant species.

Play #5 Adventures in Season- One Night Stand 2010

Adventures In Season - written by Brooke Babineau, directed by Jennifer O'Lear. Actors: Theo Glorie, Amy Pesola, Mike Mongo, Chris Stone, Brooke Babineau. Set designer: (3 of) 7 Artist Gallery Team. Stage manager: Bob Rowand. Costume Mistress: Michelle Atkinson. Play Sponsor: Salute/Blue Heaven. Set Sponsor: Mr. Z's. Special thanks to WPBT for filming this production.

Play #4 The Horrific Dating Game

Written by Eddie Goldstein, directed by Marky Pierson. Actors: Shayne Benowitz, Quincy Perkins, Erin McKenna, Constance Gilbert, Anthony Antich. Set Designers: The Painting Boot Camp Team. Stage Manager: Fernando Barta. Costume Mistress: Ashlie Hood. Play Sponsor: First State Bank. Set Sponsor: The Gallery on Greene.

Play #3 Educating Ace – One Night Stand 2010

Written by Mike Zielinski, directed by Michael Marrero. Actors: Paul Kaufmann, Mook J, Kristen Wilson,
Rebecca Gleason, Janeen Gracer. Set Designers: Rebecca Berg and Friends. Stage Manager: Liz Love. Play Sponsor: Danger Charters. Set Sponsor: Isle Style

Play #2 Dengue Fever – One Night Stand 2010

Written by Cricket Desmarais, directed by Christa Hunt. Actors: Shawna Lacy Wynd, Joe Vain, Jim Friedman, Christina Olivieri, Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen. Set Design: Carrie Disrud and Family. Stage Manager: Alicia Merel. Costume Mistress: Kelly Friend. Play Sponsor: At Home in Key West. Set Sponsor: Turtle Kraals.

Play # 1 Galactic Interface – One Night Stand 2010

written by Ben Harrison, directed by Mark Hedden. Actors: Peyton Evans, Tony Konrath, Bonnie Ripin, Bob Bowersox and Rita Brown. Set Designer: Dick Moody and Friends, Stage Manager: Donna Feldman, Costume Mistress: Emalyn Mercer. Play Sposnor: Truman & Co., Set Sponsor: Isle Style.

Rick Worth: Painting In Paradise: A 25-Year Retrospective

The monumental milestone exhibition “Rick Worth: Painting in Paradise: 25 Year Retrospective” curated by Martha Barnes, presented over 100 works by 80 lenders, along with mounds of archival materials showcasing the significance of the artistic and humanitarian contribution of one special smiling soul and island favorite- Rick Worth.

The Studios of Key West – A Short Video About the TSKW Community

Earlier this year, TSKW enlisted the help of local media company, to produce a short video telling the story of our organization.  Thanks to the good folks at Conch TV -  Gail, Craig, and Matthew – for helping us define the amazing community that is The Studios of Key West.  Thanks also to the whole TSKW community...the artists, instructors, students, staff and board... the people who truly are The Studios of Key West.