TSKW Friends

Our organization, as it grows into its seventh year, is so fortunate to have the support of nearly 500 individuals and families who care about the arts. We call our annual contributors TSKW Friends, and they have helped us begin arts education activities for local kids, launch a successful visiting artist program, continue our One Night Stand theatre project, and offer scholarships for Monroe County teachers and students. They have allowed TSKW to present almost 100 exhibitions in the Main Hall, Space 2 Gallery and the Sculpture and Nature Garden, free lectures, professional development opportunities, and potluck dinners.

Updated October 15, 2014

See below for a full list of our current members:

Elaine Accolla
Tim Albrecht and Maggie Webster
Phyllis Alden
Dale Allen
Scott Richard Allison
Julie Ambos
Ester Anderson
Liliane and Jack Anderson
Leda Andrews
Eric Anfinson
Cindy Archibald
Jessica and Sean Argyle
Katharina Arnhold
Bob and Beverly Arnold
Ann Asvazadourian
Michele Atkinson
Julio Avael
Bill Averyt and Eric Nichols
Becky Baker
Sheila Barker
Sue Barroso
Don Bartolone and Nancy Curran
Nancy Beck
Jill Benado
Phyllis and Stewart Bennett
Wes and Lynne Bentley-Kemp
Erika and Joel Biddle
Sally Binard
Larry Blackburn
Mary Blackman and Alex Okinczyc
Keith Bland and Michael Thomas
Camille Blatz
Candace Block
Pam Bluth
Elizabeth Booker
Daryl Bookout
Heather Bowns
Connor and Barry Boyd
Richard Brachman
William Braden
Judi Bradford
Adele Braghieri
Shelley Bregman
Dianne Brendle
Eden and Bill Brown
John Brown
Carol Bruno
Michele Brunschwig
Tom and Kathy Buckard
Tom Buerger and Ralph Segar
Mike Jones and Terri Burton
Kim and Andy Butler
Virginia Butler
Jan Bye
Michele Byrne
Dareen Cahill
Ruth Cahoon
Nancy Callihan
Mary Alice Campanaro
Susan Cardenas and Bill Belobraldich
Joyce Carpenter
Candice and Marty Carr
Bill Cartledge and James Hall
Joseph Cavalieri
Campbell Cawood and Tim Otte
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Brewster Chamberlin and Lynn-Marie Smith
Mary and Bill Chandler
Dorothy Child
Janis Childs
Joyce Chilton
Carol Christine
Dennis Churchman and James Evans
Mary Kay Clapp and Tom Newton
Kalo Clarke and Kim Alan Pederson
RJ Clawson
Babs Cole
Hugh Collier
Andrea Comstock
Priscilla Coote
Ellen Corcoran
Christine Cordone Smith
Clay Cormicle
Jeanette Costanzo
Joan Cox
Sue Crandon
Lesley Cuttler
Susann and Bob D’Antonio
Judy Owens and Joyce Dahlberg
Cathy Daniels
Sarah Plaia Davidson
Laurie Davies
Joy Davis
Malik Al Maliki
Libby and Michael De Caetani
Nichola DeBiaso
Sandy DeBlasio
Fran Decker
Maria Delano
Ed and Paula DeMore
Valerie Detweiler
Elizabeth Dieveney
Susan Dimbold
Sandra Dorley
Rick Dostal
Sharon Doubek
Katharine Doughty
Joyce Drake
Dick Dunbar
Tharon and Lee Dunn
Jules and Diane Eberhardt
George Edson
Steve Eid
Cindy Emmet
Wendy Engel and Craig Wright
Ellen Engelson
Coco Eriksen
Cynthia Esenberg
Rachel Everett
Lisa Fasanella
Rachel Feinberg
Cathy Flanagan
David Forest and Michael Kasperski
Susan Forti
Robert and Lynda Frechette
Sonia M. Friedman
Debie Fritts
J. Fulton Gadbois
Reginald and Catherine Gassen
Gerri Louise Gates
David Genest and John Huss
Kay Gerehart
Jane Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilberto
Elaine Ginsberg
Jane Gladson
Diane Good
Jane Gordon
Sheila and Michael Gordon
Christine Gorham
Jane Grannis
Phoebe and Tom Greeman
Karen Greenfield and Barry Gordon
Jean Gregory
Kerstin and Griff Griffith
Andy and Stephanie Griffiths
Bud and Janice Gruber
The Guadagno Family
Jan Hall
Sarah Edie Hambright and Julia Davis
John and Karen Hammond
Elizabeth Hanes
Lisa Hannaford
Robert and Hazel Hans
Helen and Ben Harrison
Michael Haskins
Margaret Heim
Mimi Hein
Nancy Henning
Haley Herriott
Cathy Hesse
Valerie Hird
Henrick Holbaek
Lee Anne Holland
Ellen and Leslie Holst
Martha Hooper
Jerome Howard
Seanica Howe
Suzanne Howze and Michael Ryan
Jennifer Hudgins
Kimberly Hull
Roberta Isleib
Joe Jackson
Terry and Julie Jeffers
Catherine Johnson and Family
John Johnson
Mary Johnson
Perry Johnston and Annette Liggett
Richard Jones
Hilary Jordan
Roger Josephson
Hester Kaplan
Mike Karash
Arlene Kass
Cynthia Kemeny
Jeanne Kennedy
Peggy Kirwin
June Klausing
Bill and Linda Klipp
Ann Kolson
Eric Koromhas
Beth LaBaren-Root
Jaime Laino
Kiera Lally
Renee Lanier
Jeane LaRance
Frances Larkin
Robbie Lewis
Wayne Lind
Ann and Bill Lorraine
Karen Luknis
Sue and Don Lynch
Pam MacKenzie
Patricia Major
Nick Malinovsky
Scott Mallan
Yolanda Maloney
Laurie Margolin
Roberta Markow
Debbie Mason
Rheba Mason
Diane May
Kenna McCall
James and Mary Beth McCulloch
Jim Mcelroy and Kim Kassner
Jane McGill and Michael McGill-Hoffman
Jon McIntosh
Laura McIntosh
Neil McMichael and Michael Roth
Nancy McNealy
Kevin and Linda McQuaid
Michael Meiggs
Colleen Mellies
Sandy Mezinis
Kate Miano
Diane Middlesworth
Gail Miller
Herb and Patrice Miller
Michael Miller
Linda Missert
Dick Moody
Dr. Janice Moody
Candace Moore
David Moore
Mike, Marilyn and Anna Morawski
Joyce Morin
Deanna Morse
Chris Moses
Marcy Moyer
Paula Muehlhauser
Gayle Munroe
Hilary Murdock
Sylvia J. Murphy
Kathy Murray
Brooke and Larry Myers
Ross Neagley
Charles Newman and Jane Dawkins
Ronald and Cindy O’Brien
Kendi and John O’Neill
Susan O’Neill
Joan Oesterling
Katherine Onorato
Carol and Jack Osborn
Nancy Ostroff
Lucy Paige
Saundra Parker
Pam Pasko
Kate Peachey
Pamela Peachey
Joe Perez
Kevin Peterson
Theresa Phelan
Brooks Whitney Phillips
Tim Phillips
Regina To
Loretta Pittaro
Beth and Joe Pizzo
Trish Pleasant
Miriam Polli-Katsikis
Mary Carlin and Bill Porter
Rosanne Potter and Bill McCarthy
Eliza Proctor
Esther M. Proctor
Richard Puente
Margie Randall
Ruth Reiter and Dan Metzler
Lynne Reveno
Carol Rezba
Anne Layton Rice
John and Marilyn Rintamaki
Elaine Roberts
Cheryl Roby
Patricia and Bubby Rodriguez
Paul and Kitty Rose
Molly Ross and Jed Dodds
James Ross
Betty Rubenstein
Neal Ruchman
Maggie Ruley
Donna Rusiniak
Bobby Russo
Judith Ryan
Kathy Sage
Stephen Sagman
Dayle Salsgiver
Diane Savicky and Michelle Jefferson
Karen and Steven Schievelbien
Brenda and Herman Schiff
Deborah Schlein
Becky Schlenvogt
Laurie Schroeder
Judy Schuhlein
Chuck Seaman
Paige Seaward
James W. Sherrington
Laurie Shinn
Patricia Shoaf
Wende Shoer
Christian Sigler and Jackie Gwidt
Wanda and Cliff Simmen
Joanne Sloan
Marilyn Smith
Piper Lee Smith and Christopher Belland
Janet and Ray Sneath
Mr. and Mrs. S. Sonstein
Susan Spencer
Rosalee Sprout and Bud Ames
Marilyn Blaze Stefani
Ellen Steininger
Janis Jo Stevens
Janice Stoltzfus
Esta Marie and Sandy Stover
Erin and Caroline Stover-Sickmen
Coco Strauss
Eleanor Stricker
Dr. Anne Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Anne and Steve Sunkel
Don and Renee Svendsen
Joanne Tarantino Wilson
Joy Brown Taylor
Chuck and Lisa Taylor
Carol Telan
Denison Tempel
Robin Terzi
Ed and Sandy Thayer
Andy and Ann Marie Thurber
Pat Tierney
A. D. Tinkham
Neva Townsend
Sarah Trippe
Darrell Trout
Katie Truax and Dale Alexander
Gale Upmal
Vera Vasek
Rasa and Michael Vernon
Stephanie Vestal
Peter Vey and John Bulich
Deborah and Wayne Vinson
John Virball
Babs Wade
Helen E. Walker
Barbara and Ron Walters
Kathy Walters
Bobbie Wanta
Cissy Ward Bourzikos
Marty Warhurst
Sydney Waring
Jane Washburn
Suzanne Washburn
Suellen Weaver
Ralph dePalma and Barbara Weikel
Richard Weithas
Katherine Welch
Tamma Wells
MaryAnn & Roger Westerlund
Mike Whalen
Linda Wheeler and Robert Kruse
Johnny White
Martin and Marta White
Bert Whitt and Dennis Beaver
Paula Whyman
Gregory and Camille Wiley
Carolyn Will
Dick Williams
Teresa Willis
Gabrielle Nahr
Jessica Wilson
Allen H. Wimer and Robin S.Weiss
Susan Winshall
Joy Wood
Anita Woodruff
Rick Worth
ElizabethAnn Wyndelts
Kathy Yearsley
Sally Young
Frankie Zeh
Hanns H. Zimpel