On view through April in the TSKW Sculpture and Nature Garden:

Fish Stick Series
Craig Gray

Living near the Rocky Coast of Maine has inspired Craig Gray to create the new works entitled “Fish Sticks” — whimsical 3D stone carvings inspired by the sea.  The dozen sculptures are between one to two feet long, and have found a delightful new habitat in the TSKW Sculpture and Nature Garden.

Craig has been carving stone for the past 20+ years and is an artist in residence in February 2013 at The Studios of Key West.

His passions include his family, surfing, hiking, creating works of art out of simple means, and enjoying nature to the fullest. His stone shop is in Hiram, Maine, where he lives with his wife and four children. You can usually hear him sculpting at 5:00 a.m. each morning before the sun comes up, 12 months of the year…


Stone Sculpture
Bill Lorraine

I use as my medium a very special indigenous stone called Miami Oolite, a calcium carbonate formation that makes up most of the South Florida coastal areas, including the Florida Keys. The only large, dense examples of Miami Oolite found today are the cornerstones supporting the old Victorian Conch houses in Key West.  They were deep-quarried a hundred years ago in the upper Keys.

For years I have been collecting the best examples of these historic stones.  As renovations of the old houses have taken place, contractors and carpenters around Key West have saved the best stones for me. The whiteness of these stones is one of their biggest assets. The surface texture of the stones causes the light to diffuse into a soft glow. I am most happy with my finished pieces when they possess a certain tension within their design.



Kinetic Steel Sculpture
Dr. Richard Whitehill

These two kinetic sculptures are designed to interact with the wind and are inspired by my love of sailing. My work has been influenced by George Rickey’s kinetic sculpture.

Wind Tango is composed of two articulated triangles which are in parallel planes. The upper swings on the lower and both can also rotate together on the base in a perpendicular plane. With a strong gust both triangles head into the wind and then the upper swings, sometimes in a complete circle. Pole Dancer is made of two articulated angle bars which move in parallel planes, and they articulate with a mast-like base so all motion takes place in parallel planes. Dr. Whitehill is an orthopedic surgeon, and his workshop is in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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